The Manny Machado Effect On The Struggling O’s

Manny Machado is scheduled to run sprints for the first time in Sarasota, Florida today. While there is no timetable for Machado’s return, it’s probable that we’re looking at early- to mid-May before he is playing for the Orioles.

How much are the struggling Orioles missing Machado?

Chris Davis weighed in on this question:

“You can’t sit here and worry about when he is going to come back. We trust Manny’s doing everything he can to get back, but we’ve got guys in here that can pick him up,” Davis said.

The bottom line is this: this team isn’t 5-7 because Machado is in Sarasota, it’s 5-7 because the rotation has had trouble going consistently deep into games, and the vaunted offense — as a whole — isn’t scoring enough.

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