St. Louis’ Brand New Ballpark Village Establishes Its Rules

BallparkSt. Louis has just completed constructing their beautiful new Ballpark Village just across the street from Busch Stadium but won’t allow baseball caps being worn inside the bars along with various other rules.

The following is not permitted under our dress code after 9pm:

Main Level: sleeveless shirts on men, profanity on clothing, exposed undergarments on men, sweat pants, full sweat suits, excessively long shirts (when standing upright with arms at your side, the bottom of your shirt can not extend below the tip of your fingers), athletic shorts, excessively sagging pants or shorts, and bandanas.

Second Level: the above list of prohibited articles of clothing and, in addition: jerseys (sleeved jerseys are permitted in conjunction with a Cardinals game or any other major St. Louis sporting event) and hats.

With the understanding that, on its face, the dress code makes no racial distinctions at all, it is probably worth noting that bans on jerseys without sleeves are clearly aimed at basketball jerseys and all of the saggy/loose clothing rules are often aimed at keeping out a certain, urban-style-oriented element.

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