Should The White Sox Sign Paul Konerko?

Konerko_White_Sox_2013Seems crazy based on his age and a batting line of .244/.313/.355 last season that Paul Konerko is kaput.

But Rick Morrissey argues that, even if Konerko is finished, the Sox should sign him.

There is no measure from 2013 that would make you want Konerko on your roster, not at his age (he’ll turn 38 during spring training) and not with the nagging injuries that always seem to be tugging at him.

Morrissey adds that we should take into account the fact that Konerko is a good leader in that he talked to the media every day so his teammates didn’t have to.

Nowhere, however, is there a half-decent argument in there to bring him back as a first baseman.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports, Hardball Talk