Sean Doolittle On Pace For History

Sean Doolittle

Oakland Athletics closer Sean Doolittle coughed up a lead Saturday, allowing one earned run on two hits in the ninth inning in Miami, marking the first time in 25 outings that Doolittle allowed a run to cross the plate.

According to Matt Snyder of CBS Sports, the 27-year-old lefty is doing things few in MLB history have ever done.

As things stand right now, Doolittle has 56 strikeouts and one walk with 12.9 SO/9 in 39 innings. Given that the A’s are not even halfway through the season, Doolittle’s K/BB pace is astounding (113 K, 2 BB).

The closest thing we’ve ever seen compared to what Doolittle is doing now is Uehara last season, but Doolittle is doing it better.

The only two times in MLB history a pitcher has had at least 18 strikeouts per walk (minimum 30 innings pitched) came via Hall of Famer Dennis Eckersley. Right now, Sean Doolittle has 56 SO/BB ratio.