Rockies Fan Makes Scene In Front Of Proposal

Kenny Lovelace proposed to his girlfriend, Molly Ryan, at a Colorado Rockies home game on Sept. 20, and photographer Kerinsa Mullins was there to document the couple’s special moment at Coors Field.

At the time, everything seemed to go perfectly — Ryan said yes, of course — but when Mullins uploaded the images from the game to her computer the following Monday, she noticed that one of the shots included a special salutation from an older woman sitting between her lens and the couple.

According to Mullins, the finger got flipped during the fourth inning of the Rockies’ 9-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Fortunately for Mullins, she got plenty of other photos from the proposal, so the woman’s one-finger salute didn’t ruin the moment.

Source: Sam Gardner, FOX Sports