Red Sox Favored In ALCS Game 1

Red Sox 01-12-06The Red Sox offense is still firing on all cylinders, hitting .286/.390/.414 and averaging six-plus runs per game in the postseason.

The Tigers, by comparison, are slashing just .235/.299/.321 and scoring only 3.4 runs per outing. Plus, Detroit’s lineup wasn’t nearly as good on the road (.268/.328/.414) as it was at home (.300/.365/.456) this year.

That Detroit downturn, combined with how great Boston is at home (53-28 with a .285/.354/.464 during the season), is likely going to mean Anibal Sanchez will face a much tougher task than Jon Lester on Saturday night.

It’s been a quite a while since Sanchez pitched against the Red Sox—like seven years—and after Game 1, there’s a good chance he’ll want to go another seven years before seeing them again.

Source: Jason Catania, CNN Bleacher Report