Red Sox “Fan” Caught Trying To Steal Mike Napoli’s Glove

Source: Contributing Writer, Red Sox Life

A Red Sox “fan” was caught red-handed Sunday trying to take off with Mike Napoli’s glove, and would have got away with it too were it not for those meddling Fenway security guards.

The Boston Globe reports 23-year-old Thomas Robbins was casing the Red Sox clubhouse following Boston’s pennant winning celebrations early Sunday morning.

Among the crushed Bud Light cans, empty champagne bottles and discarded swimming goggles, Robbins allegedly spotted Napoli’s first baseman mitt.

According to The Globe:

At around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, officers responded to Yawkey Way for a report of larceny and found Robbins inside the Sox clubhouse. When asked what he was doing, Robbins began to exit the clubhouse, dropping Napoli’s beloved glove along the way.

Robbins was stopped by fast-thinking Fenway security staff in a parking lot reserved for players. He was carrying Red Sox and Major League Baseball press box passes, which lead them to believe Robbins had also been in the press box. It was unclear how he had obtained the credentials.

Robbins was arraigned Monday on charges of “attempting to commit a crime and trespassing,” and was released on $300 bail and ordered to “stay away from Fenway Park.”