In order to remain competitive the Tampa Bay Rays rely on a stocked farm system and in order to stock that farm system they rely on a heavy dose of draft picks.  Today the organization received good news when they were notified that they were awarded the 4th pick (slotted at #72 in 2013 draft) in Round B of the Competitive Balance Draft Pick by Major League Baseball.

The lottery includes the 10 smallest-market teams and the 10 lowest-revenue teams but there aren’t 20 teams in the lottery because of crossover.  Last year in the inaugural Competitive Balance Lottery system the Rays and the St.Louis Cardinals were the two eligible teams that did not receive a draft pick.

The first 6 picks are awarded in Round A which come at the end of the first round and whichever teams don’t received a pick in Round A are eligible to receive a pick in Round B which is held after the completion of the 2nd round.

Odds of getting a pick in Round A were based on winning percentage in 2012. The following teams were eligible for the lottery this year and their odds of landing a pick in Round A: Colorado Rockies (17%), Cleveland Indians (13.9%), Miami Marlins (13.2%), Kansas City Royals (11.2%), San Diego Padres (8.9%), Pittsburgh Pirates (7.5%),  Arizona Diamondbacks (6.6%), Milwaukee Brewers (5.8%), St. Louis Cardinals (4.2%), Tampa Bay Rays (3.2%),  Baltimore Orioles (3.0%),  Oakland Athletics (2.8%), and Cincinnati Reds (2.2%).  The Seattle Mariners were eligible for participating in Competitive Balance Round B only.

The  six picks in Round A went to the Rockies, Orioles, Indians, Marlins, Royals, and Brewers.

The six picks in Round B went to the Padres, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Rays, Pirates, and Mariners.

The Oakland A’s and Cincinnati Reds did not receive a draft pick.