Ranking the World’s Top-Paying Teams

Just in case you were considering which sports team you would like to try out for, here’s a look at which teams will pay you the most.

We realize that you might not be considering a career as a professional athlete. That’s okay. We figured you would still like to know who pays the most. Just in case, right?

Here are the teams that have the highest payroll in the world.

1. LA Dodgers


This MLB team has a payroll worth $241,128,402! That’s an insane amount of money to pay baseball players, but they seem to put it to good use. The highest paid player on the team is Adrian Gonzalez, who makes $21,857,143.

2. New York Yankees

Derek Jeter

The Yankees are worth $208,830,659. Any guesses as to who gets paid the most in NY? That would be CC Sabathia. He makes $24,285,714.

3. Machester City

The Manchester Derby as City faces United on Tuesday 345pm NBCN

This EPL team has a payroll worth $202,747,812. This number calculates into a rediculous weekly pay amount for the players. According to Daily Mail, their average first-team player gets about 5.3 million Euros a year.

4. Barcelona

Barcelona's Lionel Messi hopes to play this week..

This La Liga team has a payroll of $193,610,600. It has been reported that Victor Valdes is the highest paid player on the roster, making around 12,000,000 euros per year.

5. Real Madrid 


They may be the lowest on the highest payroll list, but this number is nowhere near small. This La Liga team boasts a payroll of $189,660,944.

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