Most Untradeable Players in Baseball

In the coming months, the Tampa Bay Rays will likely be forced to part ways with Cy Young Award Winner David Price. Obviously the team would love to retain Price, but with Felix Hernandez setting a market comp of $25 million per season, the idea that Tampa can compete for Price’s services in an open market is convoluted.

But what is a fair deal for Price?

To put it simply, there likely isn’t one for Tampa. With that fact in mind, we put a list together of the five most untradeable players in the MLB.

5) Evan Longoria

Why? Evan Longoria is not only the face of the Rays, but the heart and soul of the team. When healthy (legitimate caveat), Longo is on the short list of best third basemen in the game and will win an MVP trophy before his time is done. He’s one of the most clutch players in baseball and carries a very light hitting Rays offense to playoff contention every year.

4) Bryce Harper

Why? Bryce Harper hasn’t accomplished a ton in Major League Baseball, but he has unlimited potential and has been labeled a phenom since the age of 15. At 20 years old, the fact that he’s in the majors is incredible, much less that he’s an every day contributor and likely will compete in several all-star games. The idea of the Nats trading Harper is nearly unthinkable.

3) Miguel Cabrera

Why? Can you say Triple Crown? Miguel Cabrera can, as he was the first player to win it in 40 years. Cabrera might be the one guy in the major leagues that no pitcher wants to face in any situation. Cabrera hits, hits with power and showed a solid enough glove at third base after a position switch to make his defense a non-issue. At 29 years old, the MVP should still have plenty of elite seasons left.

2) Mike Trout

Why? If Miguel Cabrera isn’t the best player in baseball, Mike Trout is….and he’s barely old enough to buy alcohol. Trout is the true definition of a five-tool player and he would have won the American League MVP Award in a season where someone didn’t win the triple crown….as a rookie. The potential is limitless for the best young player in the game.

1) Buster Posey

Why? When Buster Posey plays for a full season the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. We don’t know that for sure but we do know that he’s played two full seasons and they won the title each year. Posey is a clutch bat, reigning NL MVP, is great behind the plate and helps one of the best pitching staffs in the game. Posey is at the top of the list because he already has credentials, is only 25 years old and helps a team on a daily basis more than anyone else in the game.

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