MLB: Lifetime Ban For Alex Rodriguez?

Will Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez take the quiet and compliant approach when MLB inevitably attempts to discipline him for his role in the Biogenesis scandal? A pair of recent reports suggests that his response will be quiet different from Ryan Braun, who recently negotiated a 65-game ban with MLB.

First, this from CBS’s Jim Axelrod (also see Axelrod’s report above):

A lifetime suspension … Considering A-Rod has never before been disciplined for PED use, this would be a bold play by MLB. A lifetime ban, of course, is the “third strike” penalty laid out in the Joint Drug Agreement, but this would surely be a “non-analytic positive” (i.e., a suspension in response to something other than a failed drug test), and as such A-Rod would be permitted a vigorous appeal.

Source: Dayn Perry, CBS Sports