MLB Announces 2014 Regular Season Schedule


Dodgers and D-backs Will Open 2014 Season in Sydney, Australia; ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” to Showcase Opening Night on Sunday, March 30th; Traditional Opening Day Will Be Monday, March 31st

Major League Baseball today announced its master 2014 regular season schedule, which will begin, as unveiled in June, with the historic 2014 Opening Series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers in Sydney, Australia on Saturday, March 22nd and Sunday, March 23rd.

The 2014 Opening Series featuring the National League West rivals will be Major League Baseball’s first regular season games to be staged in Australia. MLB has previously opened seasons in Monterrey, Mexico (1999); Tokyo, Japan (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012); and San Juan, Puerto Rico (2001).

One week after the completion of MLB’s Opening Series in Australia, the 25th season of ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” will begin the rest of the schedule with Opening Night on Sunday, March 30th. Details on the Opening Night match-up will be forthcoming. Fourteen games, including 10 divisional match-ups, comprise the traditional Opening Day schedule on Monday, March 31st. Other March 31st games include an Interleague contest between the host Texas Rangers and the Philadelphia Phillies; the Atlanta Braves visiting Milwaukee, the city where they were located from 1953-1965, to play the host Brewers; a match-up between the fellow 1993 expansion Clubs, the host Miami Marlins and the Colorado Rockies; and the Oakland Athletics welcoming the Cleveland Indians. Nine games are scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st, including the season debuts for the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees at Minute Maid Park.

The final scheduled day of the 2014 regular season will be Sunday, September 28th and will feature 12 divisional games. Other important dates next season include Jackie Robinson Day on Tuesday, April 15th; the first day of the 2014 MLB Draft on Thursday, June 5th; and Baseball’s 85th All-Star Game at Target Field in Minneapolis on Tuesday, July 15th.

As of September 10, 2013; subject to change.
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Thursday April 3 NY WSH
N.L. Thursday April 3 PIT CHI
N.L. Thursday April 3 CIN STL
N.L. Thursday April 3 ARI SF
N.L. Thursday April 3 MIA COL
A.L. Friday April 4 BOS MIL
A.L. Friday April 4 TB TEX
A.L. Friday April 4 TOR NYY
A.L. Friday April 4 CLE MIN
A.L. Friday April 4 DET BAL
A.L. Friday April 4 KC CWS
A.L. Friday April 4 HOU LAA
A.L. Friday April 4 OAK SEA
N.L. Friday April 4 WSH ATL
N.L. Friday April 4 NY CIN
N.L. Friday April 4 MIA SD
N.L. Friday April 4 PIT STL
N.L. Friday April 4 CHI PHI
N.L. Friday April 4 LA SF
N.L. Friday April 4 COL ARI
A.L. Saturday April 5 BOS MIL
A.L. Saturday April 5 TB TEX
A.L. Saturday April 5 TOR NYY
A.L. Saturday April 5 CLE MIN
A.L. Saturday April 5 DET BAL
A.L. Saturday April 5 KC CWS
A.L. Saturday April 5 HOU LAA
A.L. Saturday April 5 OAK SEA
N.L. Saturday April 5 WSH ATL
N.L. Saturday April 5 NY CIN
N.L. Saturday April 5 MIA SD
N.L. Saturday April 5 PIT STL
N.L. Saturday April 5 CHI PHI
N.L. Saturday April 5 LA SF
N.L. Saturday April 5 COL ARI
A.L. Sunday April 6 BOS MIL
A.L. Sunday April 6 TB TEX
A.L. Sunday April 6 TOR NYY
A.L. Sunday April 6 CLE MIN
A.L. Sunday April 6 DET BAL
A.L. Sunday April 6 KC CWS
A.L. Sunday April 6 HOU LAA
A.L. Sunday April 6 OAK SEA
N.L. Sunday April 6 WSH ATL
N.L. Sunday April 6 NY CIN
N.L. Sunday April 6 MIA SD
N.L. Sunday April 6 PIT STL
N.L. Sunday April 6 CHI PHI
N.L. Sunday April 6 LA SF
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Sunday April 6 COL ARI
A.L. Monday April 7 BOS TEX
A.L. Monday April 7 NYY BAL
A.L. Monday April 7 CLE SD
A.L. Monday April 7 KC TB
A.L. Monday April 7 HOU LAA
A.L. Monday April 7 MIN OAK
N.L. Monday April 7 PHI MIL
N.L. Monday April 7 STL CIN
N.L. Monday April 7 COL CWS
A.L. Tuesday April 8 BOS TEX
A.L. Tuesday April 8 NYY BAL
A.L. Tuesday April 8 TOR HOU
A.L. Tuesday April 8 CLE SD
A.L. Tuesday April 8 KC TB
A.L. Tuesday April 8 SEA LAA
N.L. Tuesday April 8 WSH MIA
N.L. Tuesday April 8 CHI PIT
N.L. Tuesday April 8 STL CIN
N.L. Tuesday April 8 LA DET
N.L. Tuesday April 8 SF ARI
N.L. Tuesday April 8 COL CWS
N.L. Tuesday April 8 ATL NY
A.L. Wednesday April 9 BOS TEX
A.L. Wednesday April 9 NYY BAL
A.L. Wednesday April 9 TOR HOU
A.L. Wednesday April 9 CLE SD
A.L. Wednesday April 9 MIN OAK
A.L. Wednesday April 9 KC TB
A.L. Wednesday April 9 SEA LAA
N.L. Wednesday April 9 WSH MIA
N.L. Wednesday April 9 PHI MIL
N.L. Wednesday April 9 ATL NY
N.L. Wednesday April 9 CHI PIT
N.L. Wednesday April 9 STL CIN
N.L. Wednesday April 9 LA DET
N.L. Wednesday April 9 SF ARI
N.L. Wednesday April 9 COL CWS
A.L. Thursday April 10 NYY BOS
A.L. Thursday April 10 TOR HOU
A.L. Thursday April 10 CWS CLE
A.L. Thursday April 10 MIN OAK
N.L. Thursday April 10 PHI MIL
N.L. Thursday April 10 ATL NY
N.L. Thursday April 10 SF ARI
N.L. Thursday April 10 WSH MIA
N.L. Thursday April 10 CHI PIT
A.L. Friday April 11 NYY BOS
A.L. Friday April 11 BAL TOR
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Friday April 11 CWS CLE
A.L. Friday April 11 MIN KC
A.L. Friday April 11 TEX HOU
A.L. Friday April 11 LAA NY
A.L. Friday April 11 SEA OAK
N.L. Friday April 11 PHI MIA
N.L. Friday April 11 ATL WSH
N.L. Friday April 11 CIN TB
N.L. Friday April 11 STL CHI
N.L. Friday April 11 MIL PIT
N.L. Friday April 11 ARI LA
N.L. Friday April 11 SF COL
N.L. Friday April 11 SD DET
A.L. Saturday April 12 NYY BOS
A.L. Saturday April 12 BAL TOR
A.L. Saturday April 12 CWS CLE
A.L. Saturday April 12 MIN KC
A.L. Saturday April 12 TEX HOU
A.L. Saturday April 12 LAA NY
A.L. Saturday April 12 SEA OAK
N.L. Saturday April 12 PHI MIA
N.L. Saturday April 12 ATL WSH
N.L. Saturday April 12 CIN TB
N.L. Saturday April 12 STL CHI
N.L. Saturday April 12 MIL PIT
N.L. Saturday April 12 ARI LA
N.L. Saturday April 12 SF COL
N.L. Saturday April 12 SD DET
A.L. Sunday April 13 NYY BOS
A.L. Sunday April 13 BAL TOR
A.L. Sunday April 13 CWS CLE
A.L. Sunday April 13 MIN KC
A.L. Sunday April 13 TEX HOU
A.L. Sunday April 13 LAA NY
A.L. Sunday April 13 SEA OAK
N.L. Sunday April 13 PHI MIA
N.L. Sunday April 13 ATL WSH
N.L. Sunday April 13 CIN TB
N.L. Sunday April 13 STL CHI
N.L. Sunday April 13 MIL PIT
N.L. Sunday April 13 ARI LA
N.L. Sunday April 13 SF COL
N.L. Sunday April 13 SD DET
A.L. Monday April 14 BAL TB
A.L. Monday April 14 TEX SEA
A.L. Monday April 14 LAA OAK
N.L. Monday April 14 PHI ATL
N.L. Monday April 14 MIA WSH
N.L. Monday April 14 CIN PIT
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Monday April 14 MIL STL
N.L. Monday April 14 ARI NY
N.L. Monday April 14 SD COL
A.L. Tuesday April 15 NYY CHI
A.L. Tuesday April 15 BAL TB
A.L. Tuesday April 15 DET CLE
A.L. Tuesday April 15 CWS BOS
A.L. Tuesday April 15 MIN TOR
A.L. Tuesday April 15 HOU KC
A.L. Tuesday April 15 TEX SEA
A.L. Tuesday April 15 LAA OAK
N.L. Tuesday April 15 PHI ATL
N.L. Tuesday April 15 MIA WSH
N.L. Tuesday April 15 CIN PIT
N.L. Tuesday April 15 MIL STL
N.L. Tuesday April 15 ARI NY
N.L. Tuesday April 15 SF LA
N.L. Tuesday April 15 SD COL
A.L. Wednesday April 16 NYY CHI
A.L. Wednesday April 16 BAL TB
A.L. Wednesday April 16 DET CLE
A.L. Wednesday April 16 CWS BOS
A.L. Wednesday April 16 MIN TOR
A.L. Wednesday April 16 HOU KC
A.L. Wednesday April 16 TEX SEA
A.L. Wednesday April 16 LAA OAK
N.L. Wednesday April 16 PHI ATL
N.L. Wednesday April 16 MIA WSH
N.L. Wednesday April 16 CIN PIT
N.L. Wednesday April 16 MIL STL
N.L. Wednesday April 16 ARI NY
N.L. Wednesday April 16 SF LA
N.L. Wednesday April 16 SD COL
A.L. Thursday April 17 TB NYY
A.L. Thursday April 17 DET CLE
A.L. Thursday April 17 CWS BOS
A.L. Thursday April 17 MIN TOR
A.L. Thursday April 17 HOU KC
A.L. Thursday April 17 TEX SEA
N.L. Thursday April 17 WSH STL
N.L. Thursday April 17 PHI ATL
N.L. Thursday April 17 PIT MIL
N.L. Thursday April 17 SF LA
N.L. Thursday April 17 SD COL
A.L. Friday April 18 BOS BAL
A.L. Friday April 18 TB NYY
A.L. Friday April 18 CLE TOR
A.L. Friday April 18 DET LAA
A.L. Friday April 18 KC MIN
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Friday April 18 OAK HOU
A.L. Friday April 18 TEX CWS
N.L. Friday April 18 WSH STL
N.L. Friday April 18 NY ATL
N.L. Friday April 18 MIA SEA
N.L. Friday April 18 PIT MIL
N.L. Friday April 18 CHI CIN
N.L. Friday April 18 LA ARI
N.L. Friday April 18 SD SF
N.L. Friday April 18 COL PHI
A.L. Saturday April 19 BOS BAL
A.L. Saturday April 19 TB NYY
A.L. Saturday April 19 CLE TOR
A.L. Saturday April 19 DET LAA
A.L. Saturday April 19 KC MIN
A.L. Saturday April 19 OAK HOU
A.L. Saturday April 19 TEX CWS
N.L. Saturday April 19 WSH STL
N.L. Saturday April 19 NY ATL
N.L. Saturday April 19 MIA SEA
N.L. Saturday April 19 PIT MIL
N.L. Saturday April 19 CHI CIN
N.L. Saturday April 19 LA ARI
N.L. Saturday April 19 SD SF
N.L. Saturday April 19 COL PHI
A.L. Sunday April 20 BOS BAL
A.L. Sunday April 20 TB NYY
A.L. Sunday April 20 CLE TOR
A.L. Sunday April 20 DET LAA
A.L. Sunday April 20 KC MIN
A.L. Sunday April 20 OAK HOU
A.L. Sunday April 20 TEX CWS
N.L. Sunday April 20 WSH STL
N.L. Sunday April 20 NY ATL
N.L. Sunday April 20 MIA SEA
N.L. Sunday April 20 PIT MIL
N.L. Sunday April 20 CHI CIN
N.L. Sunday April 20 LA ARI
N.L. Sunday April 20 SD SF
N.L. Sunday April 20 COL PHI
A.L. Monday April 21 BOS BAL
A.L. Monday April 21 CLE KC
A.L. Monday April 21 DET CWS
A.L. Monday April 21 OAK TEX
A.L. Monday April 21 SEA HOU
N.L. Monday April 21 WSH LAA
N.L. Monday April 21 NY STL
N.L. Monday April 21 ATL MIA
N.L. Monday April 21 PIT CIN
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Monday April 21 CHI ARI
N.L. Monday April 21 LA PHI
N.L. Monday April 21 COL SF
N.L. Monday April 21 MIL SD
A.L. Tuesday April 22 BOS NYY
A.L. Tuesday April 22 TB MIN
A.L. Tuesday April 22 TOR BAL
A.L. Tuesday April 22 CLE KC
A.L. Tuesday April 22 DET CWS
A.L. Tuesday April 22 OAK TEX
A.L. Tuesday April 22 SEA HOU
N.L. Tuesday April 22 WSH LAA
N.L. Tuesday April 22 NY STL
N.L. Tuesday April 22 ATL MIA
N.L. Tuesday April 22 PIT CIN
N.L. Tuesday April 22 CHI ARI
N.L. Tuesday April 22 MIL SD
N.L. Tuesday April 22 LA PHI
N.L. Tuesday April 22 COL SF
A.L. Wednesday April 23 BOS NYY
A.L. Wednesday April 23 TB MIN
A.L. Wednesday April 23 TOR BAL
A.L. Wednesday April 23 CLE KC
A.L. Wednesday April 23 DET CWS
A.L. Wednesday April 23 OAK TEX
A.L. Wednesday April 23 SEA HOU
N.L. Wednesday April 23 WSH LAA
N.L. Wednesday April 23 NY STL
N.L. Wednesday April 23 ATL MIA
N.L. Wednesday April 23 PIT CIN
N.L. Wednesday April 23 CHI ARI
N.L. Wednesday April 23 MIL SD
N.L. Wednesday April 23 LA PHI
N.L. Wednesday April 23 COL SF
A.L. Thursday April 24 BOS NYY
A.L. Thursday April 24 TB MIN
A.L. Thursday April 24 TOR BAL
A.L. Thursday April 24 CLE KC
A.L. Thursday April 24 DET CWS
A.L. Thursday April 24 HOU OAK
N.L. Thursday April 24 WSH SD
N.L. Thursday April 24 NY STL
N.L. Thursday April 24 PIT CIN
N.L. Thursday April 24 CHI ARI
N.L. Thursday April 24 LA PHI
A.L. Friday April 25 NYY LAA
A.L. Friday April 25 BAL KC
A.L. Friday April 25 TOR BOS
A.L. Friday April 25 CWS TB
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Friday April 25 MIN DET
A.L. Friday April 25 HOU OAK
A.L. Friday April 25 SEA TEX
N.L. Friday April 25 WSH SD
N.L. Friday April 25 NY MIA
N.L. Friday April 25 ATL CIN
N.L. Friday April 25 STL PIT
N.L. Friday April 25 MIL CHI
N.L. Friday April 25 ARI PHI
N.L. Friday April 25 LA COL
N.L. Friday April 25 SF CLE
A.L. Saturday April 26 NYY LAA
A.L. Saturday April 26 BAL KC
A.L. Saturday April 26 TOR BOS
A.L. Saturday April 26 CWS TB
A.L. Saturday April 26 MIN DET
A.L. Saturday April 26 HOU OAK
A.L. Saturday April 26 SEA TEX
N.L. Saturday April 26 WSH SD
N.L. Saturday April 26 NY MIA
N.L. Saturday April 26 ATL CIN
N.L. Saturday April 26 STL PIT
N.L. Saturday April 26 MIL CHI
N.L. Saturday April 26 ARI PHI
N.L. Saturday April 26 LA COL
N.L. Saturday April 26 SF CLE
A.L. Sunday April 27 NYY LAA
A.L. Sunday April 27 BAL KC
A.L. Sunday April 27 TOR BOS
A.L. Sunday April 27 CWS TB
A.L. Sunday April 27 MIN DET
A.L. Sunday April 27 HOU OAK
A.L. Sunday April 27 SEA TEX
N.L. Sunday April 27 WSH SD
N.L. Sunday April 27 NY MIA
N.L. Sunday April 27 ATL CIN
N.L. Sunday April 27 STL PIT
N.L. Sunday April 27 MIL CHI
N.L. Sunday April 27 ARI PHI
N.L. Sunday April 27 LA COL
N.L. Sunday April 27 SF CLE
A.L. Monday April 28 CWS TB
A.L. Monday April 28 TEX OAK
A.L. Monday April 28 LAA CLE
N.L. Monday April 28 CIN CHI
N.L. Monday April 28 STL MIL
N.L. Monday April 28 ARI COL
N.L. Monday April 28 SF SD
A.L. Tuesday April 29 BOS TB
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Tuesday April 29 NYY SEA
A.L. Tuesday April 29 BAL PIT
A.L. Tuesday April 29 CWS DET
A.L. Tuesday April 29 MIN LA
A.L. Tuesday April 29 KC TOR
A.L. Tuesday April 29 HOU WSH
A.L. Tuesday April 29 TEX OAK
A.L. Tuesday April 29 LAA CLE
N.L. Tuesday April 29 PHI NY
N.L. Tuesday April 29 MIA ATL
N.L. Tuesday April 29 CIN CHI
N.L. Tuesday April 29 STL MIL
N.L. Tuesday April 29 ARI COL
N.L. Tuesday April 29 SF SD
A.L. Wednesday April 30 BOS TB
A.L. Wednesday April 30 NYY SEA
A.L. Wednesday April 30 BAL PIT
A.L. Wednesday April 30 CWS DET
A.L. Wednesday April 30 KC TOR
A.L. Wednesday April 30 HOU WSH
A.L. Wednesday April 30 TEX OAK
A.L. Wednesday April 30 LAA CLE
A.L. Wednesday April 30 MIN LA
N.L. Wednesday April 30 PHI NY
N.L. Wednesday April 30 MIA ATL
N.L. Wednesday April 30 CIN CHI
N.L. Wednesday April 30 STL MIL
N.L. Wednesday April 30 ARI COL
N.L. Wednesday April 30 SF SD
A.L. Thursday May 1 BOS TB
A.L. Thursday May 1 NYY SEA
A.L. Thursday May 1 KC TOR
A.L. Thursday May 1 MIN LA
N.L. Thursday May 1 MIA ATL
N.L. Thursday May 1 CIN MIL
N.L. Thursday May 1 COL NY
A.L. Friday May 2 BOS OAK
A.L. Friday May 2 NYY TB
A.L. Friday May 2 CLE CWS
A.L. Friday May 2 MIN BAL
A.L. Friday May 2 KC DET
A.L. Friday May 2 HOU SEA
A.L. Friday May 2 LAA TEX
N.L. Friday May 2 PHI WSH
N.L. Friday May 2 ATL SF
N.L. Friday May 2 MIA LA
N.L. Friday May 2 PIT TOR
N.L. Friday May 2 CHI STL
N.L. Friday May 2 CIN MIL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Friday May 2 SD ARI
N.L. Friday May 2 COL NY
A.L. Saturday May 3 BOS OAK
A.L. Saturday May 3 NYY TB
A.L. Saturday May 3 CLE CWS
A.L. Saturday May 3 MIN BAL
A.L. Saturday May 3 KC DET
A.L. Saturday May 3 HOU SEA
A.L. Saturday May 3 LAA TEX
N.L. Saturday May 3 PHI WSH
N.L. Saturday May 3 ATL SF
N.L. Saturday May 3 MIA LA
N.L. Saturday May 3 PIT TOR
N.L. Saturday May 3 CHI STL
N.L. Saturday May 3 CIN MIL
N.L. Saturday May 3 SD ARI
N.L. Saturday May 3 COL NY
A.L. Sunday May 4 BOS OAK
A.L. Sunday May 4 NYY TB
A.L. Sunday May 4 CLE CWS
A.L. Sunday May 4 MIN BAL
A.L. Sunday May 4 KC DET
A.L. Sunday May 4 HOU SEA
A.L. Sunday May 4 LAA TEX
N.L. Sunday May 4 PHI WSH
N.L. Sunday May 4 ATL SF
N.L. Sunday May 4 MIA LA
N.L. Sunday May 4 PIT TOR
N.L. Sunday May 4 CHI STL
N.L. Sunday May 4 CIN MIL
N.L. Sunday May 4 SD ARI
N.L. Sunday May 4 COL NY
A.L. Monday May 5 CLE MIN
A.L. Monday May 5 DET HOU
A.L. Monday May 5 OAK SEA
A.L. Monday May 5 LAA NYY
N.L. Monday May 5 WSH LA
N.L. Monday May 5 PHI TOR
N.L. Monday May 5 ATL STL
N.L. Monday May 5 MIA NY
N.L. Monday May 5 PIT SF
N.L. Monday May 5 CHI CWS
N.L. Monday May 5 MIL ARI
N.L. Monday May 5 SD KC
N.L. Monday May 5 COL TEX
A.L. Tuesday May 6 BOS CIN
A.L. Tuesday May 6 TB BAL
A.L. Tuesday May 6 CLE MIN
A.L. Tuesday May 6 DET HOU
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Tuesday May 6 OAK SEA
A.L. Tuesday May 6 LAA NYY
N.L. Tuesday May 6 WSH LA
N.L. Tuesday May 6 PHI TOR
N.L. Tuesday May 6 ATL STL
N.L. Tuesday May 6 MIA NY
N.L. Tuesday May 6 PIT SF
N.L. Tuesday May 6 CHI CWS
N.L. Tuesday May 6 MIL ARI
N.L. Tuesday May 6 SD KC
N.L. Tuesday May 6 COL TEX
A.L. Wednesday May 7 BOS CIN
A.L. Wednesday May 7 TB BAL
A.L. Wednesday May 7 TOR PHI
A.L. Wednesday May 7 CLE MIN
A.L. Wednesday May 7 DET HOU
A.L. Wednesday May 7 CWS CHI
A.L. Wednesday May 7 OAK SEA
A.L. Wednesday May 7 TEX COL
A.L. Wednesday May 7 LAA NYY
N.L. Wednesday May 7 WSH LA
N.L. Wednesday May 7 ATL STL
N.L. Wednesday May 7 MIA NY
N.L. Wednesday May 7 PIT SF
N.L. Wednesday May 7 MIL ARI
N.L. Wednesday May 7 SD KC
A.L. Thursday May 8 TB BAL
A.L. Thursday May 8 TOR PHI
A.L. Thursday May 8 CLE MIN
A.L. Thursday May 8 DET HOU
A.L. Thursday May 8 CWS CHI
A.L. Thursday May 8 TEX COL
A.L. Thursday May 8 SEA KC
N.L. Thursday May 8 LA SF
N.L. Thursday May 8 SD MIA
A.L. Friday May 9 BAL HOU
A.L. Friday May 9 TB CLE
A.L. Friday May 9 TOR LAA
A.L. Friday May 9 DET MIN
A.L. Friday May 9 CWS ARI
A.L. Friday May 9 OAK WSH
A.L. Friday May 9 TEX BOS
A.L. Friday May 9 SEA KC
N.L. Friday May 9 NY PHI
N.L. Friday May 9 ATL CHI
N.L. Friday May 9 PIT STL
N.L. Friday May 9 CIN COL
N.L. Friday May 9 MIL NYY
N.L. Friday May 9 LA SF
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Friday May 9 SD MIA
A.L. Saturday May 10 BAL HOU
A.L. Saturday May 10 TB CLE
A.L. Saturday May 10 TOR LAA
A.L. Saturday May 10 DET MIN
A.L. Saturday May 10 CWS ARI
A.L. Saturday May 10 OAK WSH
A.L. Saturday May 10 TEX BOS
A.L. Saturday May 10 SEA KC
N.L. Saturday May 10 NY PHI
N.L. Saturday May 10 ATL CHI
N.L. Saturday May 10 PIT STL
N.L. Saturday May 10 CIN COL
N.L. Saturday May 10 MIL NYY
N.L. Saturday May 10 LA SF
N.L. Saturday May 10 SD MIA
A.L. Sunday May 11 BAL HOU
A.L. Sunday May 11 TB CLE
A.L. Sunday May 11 TOR LAA
A.L. Sunday May 11 DET MIN
A.L. Sunday May 11 OAK WSH
A.L. Sunday May 11 TEX BOS
A.L. Sunday May 11 SEA KC
A.L. Sunday May 11 CWS ARI
N.L. Sunday May 11 NY PHI
N.L. Sunday May 11 ATL CHI
N.L. Sunday May 11 PIT STL
N.L. Sunday May 11 CIN COL
N.L. Sunday May 11 MIL NYY
N.L. Sunday May 11 LA SF
N.L. Sunday May 11 SD MIA
A.L. Monday May 12 BAL DET
A.L. Monday May 12 TOR LAA
A.L. Monday May 12 OAK CWS
A.L. Monday May 12 SEA TB
A.L. Monday May 12 HOU TEX
A.L. Monday May 12 NYY NY
N.L. Monday May 12 STL CHI
N.L. Monday May 12 ARI WSH
N.L. Monday May 12 LA MIA
N.L. Monday May 12 SF ATL
A.L. Tuesday May 13 BAL DET
A.L. Tuesday May 13 TOR CLE
A.L. Tuesday May 13 MIN BOS
A.L. Tuesday May 13 KC COL
A.L. Tuesday May 13 HOU TEX
A.L. Tuesday May 13 OAK CWS
A.L. Tuesday May 13 SEA TB
A.L. Tuesday May 13 NYY NY
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Tuesday May 13 PHI LAA
N.L. Tuesday May 13 CIN SD
N.L. Tuesday May 13 STL CHI
N.L. Tuesday May 13 MIL PIT
N.L. Tuesday May 13 ARI WSH
N.L. Tuesday May 13 LA MIA
N.L. Tuesday May 13 SF ATL
A.L. Wednesday May 14 BAL DET
A.L. Wednesday May 14 TOR CLE
A.L. Wednesday May 14 MIN BOS
A.L. Wednesday May 14 KC COL
A.L. Wednesday May 14 HOU TEX
A.L. Wednesday May 14 OAK CWS
A.L. Wednesday May 14 SEA TB
N.L. Wednesday May 14 PHI LAA
N.L. Wednesday May 14 CIN SD
N.L. Wednesday May 14 STL CHI
N.L. Wednesday May 14 MIL PIT
N.L. Wednesday May 14 ARI WSH
N.L. Wednesday May 14 LA MIA
N.L. Wednesday May 14 SF ATL
N.L. Wednesday May 14 NY NYY
A.L. Thursday May 15 TOR CLE
A.L. Thursday May 15 MIN BOS
A.L. Thursday May 15 KC BAL
A.L. Thursday May 15 LAA TB
N.L. Thursday May 15 CIN SD
N.L. Thursday May 15 STL CHI
N.L. Thursday May 15 MIL PIT
N.L. Thursday May 15 SF MIA
N.L. Thursday May 15 NY NYY
A.L. Friday May 16 BOS DET
A.L. Friday May 16 NYY PIT
A.L. Friday May 16 CLE OAK
A.L. Friday May 16 MIN SEA
A.L. Friday May 16 KC BAL
A.L. Friday May 16 HOU CWS
A.L. Friday May 16 TEX TOR
A.L. Friday May 16 LAA TB
N.L. Friday May 16 WSH NY
N.L. Friday May 16 PHI CIN
N.L. Friday May 16 CHI MIL
N.L. Friday May 16 STL ATL
N.L. Friday May 16 ARI LA
N.L. Friday May 16 SF MIA
N.L. Friday May 16 COL SD
A.L. Saturday May 17 BOS DET
A.L. Saturday May 17 NYY PIT
A.L. Saturday May 17 CLE OAK
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Saturday May 17 MIN SEA
A.L. Saturday May 17 KC BAL
A.L. Saturday May 17 HOU CWS
A.L. Saturday May 17 TEX TOR
A.L. Saturday May 17 LAA TB
N.L. Saturday May 17 WSH NY
N.L. Saturday May 17 PHI CIN
N.L. Saturday May 17 CHI MIL
N.L. Saturday May 17 STL ATL
N.L. Saturday May 17 ARI LA
N.L. Saturday May 17 SF MIA
N.L. Saturday May 17 COL SD
A.L. Sunday May 18 BOS DET
A.L. Sunday May 18 NYY PIT
A.L. Sunday May 18 CLE OAK
A.L. Sunday May 18 MIN SEA
A.L. Sunday May 18 KC BAL
A.L. Sunday May 18 HOU CWS
A.L. Sunday May 18 TEX TOR
A.L. Sunday May 18 LAA TB
N.L. Sunday May 18 WSH NY
N.L. Sunday May 18 PHI CIN
N.L. Sunday May 18 CHI MIL
N.L. Sunday May 18 STL ATL
N.L. Sunday May 18 ARI LA
N.L. Sunday May 18 SF MIA
N.L. Sunday May 18 COL SD
A.L. Monday May 19 CLE DET
A.L. Monday May 19 KC CWS
A.L. Monday May 19 LAA HOU
N.L. Monday May 19 WSH CIN
N.L. Monday May 19 ATL MIL
A.L. Tuesday May 20 BOS TOR
A.L. Tuesday May 20 TB OAK
A.L. Tuesday May 20 CLE DET
A.L. Tuesday May 20 KC CWS
A.L. Tuesday May 20 TEX SEA
A.L. Tuesday May 20 LAA HOU
N.L. Tuesday May 20 WSH CIN
N.L. Tuesday May 20 NY LA
N.L. Tuesday May 20 ATL MIL
N.L. Tuesday May 20 MIA PHI
N.L. Tuesday May 20 PIT BAL
N.L. Tuesday May 20 CHI NYY
N.L. Tuesday May 20 STL ARI
N.L. Tuesday May 20 SD MIN
N.L. Tuesday May 20 COL SF
A.L. Wednesday May 21 BOS TOR
A.L. Wednesday May 21 TB OAK
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Wednesday May 21 CLE DET
A.L. Wednesday May 21 KC CWS
A.L. Wednesday May 21 TEX SEA
A.L. Wednesday May 21 LAA HOU
N.L. Wednesday May 21 WSH CIN
N.L. Wednesday May 21 NY LA
N.L. Wednesday May 21 ATL MIL
N.L. Wednesday May 21 MIA PHI
N.L. Wednesday May 21 PIT BAL
N.L. Wednesday May 21 CHI NYY
N.L. Wednesday May 21 STL ARI
N.L. Wednesday May 21 SD MIN
N.L. Wednesday May 21 COL SF
A.L. Thursday May 22 BOS TOR
A.L. Thursday May 22 BAL CLE
A.L. Thursday May 22 TB OAK
A.L. Thursday May 22 DET TEX
A.L. Thursday May 22 CWS NYY
A.L. Thursday May 22 SEA HOU
N.L. Thursday May 22 NY LA
N.L. Thursday May 22 ATL MIL
N.L. Thursday May 22 MIA PHI
N.L. Thursday May 22 PIT WSH
N.L. Thursday May 22 SD CHI
N.L. Thursday May 22 COL SF
N.L. Thursday May 22 STL ARI
A.L. Friday May 23 BAL CLE
A.L. Friday May 23 TB BOS
A.L. Friday May 23 TOR OAK
A.L. Friday May 23 DET TEX
A.L. Friday May 23 CWS NYY
A.L. Friday May 23 LAA KC
A.L. Friday May 23 SEA HOU
N.L. Friday May 23 NY ARI
N.L. Friday May 23 PHI LA
N.L. Friday May 23 ATL COL
N.L. Friday May 23 MIA MIL
N.L. Friday May 23 PIT WSH
N.L. Friday May 23 CIN STL
N.L. Friday May 23 SF MIN
N.L. Friday May 23 SD CHI
A.L. Saturday May 24 BAL CLE
A.L. Saturday May 24 TB BOS
A.L. Saturday May 24 TOR OAK
A.L. Saturday May 24 DET TEX
A.L. Saturday May 24 CWS NYY
A.L. Saturday May 24 LAA KC
A.L. Saturday May 24 SEA HOU
N.L. Saturday May 24 NY ARI
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Saturday May 24 PHI LA
N.L. Saturday May 24 ATL COL
N.L. Saturday May 24 MIA MIL
N.L. Saturday May 24 PIT WSH
N.L. Saturday May 24 CIN STL
N.L. Saturday May 24 SF MIN
N.L. Saturday May 24 SD CHI
A.L. Sunday May 25 BAL CLE
A.L. Sunday May 25 TB BOS
A.L. Sunday May 25 TOR OAK
A.L. Sunday May 25 DET TEX
A.L. Sunday May 25 CWS NYY
A.L. Sunday May 25 LAA KC
A.L. Sunday May 25 SEA HOU
N.L. Sunday May 25 NY ARI
N.L. Sunday May 25 PHI LA
N.L. Sunday May 25 ATL COL
N.L. Sunday May 25 MIA MIL
N.L. Sunday May 25 PIT WSH
N.L. Sunday May 25 CIN STL
N.L. Sunday May 25 SF MIN
N.L. Sunday May 25 SD CHI
A.L. Monday May 26 TOR TB
A.L. Monday May 26 CWS CLE
A.L. Monday May 26 MIN TEX
A.L. Monday May 26 KC HOU
A.L. Monday May 26 OAK DET
A.L. Monday May 26 SEA LAA
N.L. Monday May 26 NY PIT
N.L. Monday May 26 PHI COL
N.L. Monday May 26 ATL BOS
N.L. Monday May 26 STL NYY
N.L. Monday May 26 MIL BAL
N.L. Monday May 26 ARI SD
N.L. Monday May 26 LA CIN
N.L. Monday May 26 SF CHI
N.L. Monday May 26 WSH MIA
A.L. Tuesday May 27 TOR TB
A.L. Tuesday May 27 CWS CLE
A.L. Tuesday May 27 MIN TEX
A.L. Tuesday May 27 KC HOU
A.L. Tuesday May 27 OAK DET
A.L. Tuesday May 27 SEA LAA
N.L. Tuesday May 27 WSH MIA
N.L. Tuesday May 27 NY PIT
N.L. Tuesday May 27 PHI COL
N.L. Tuesday May 27 ATL BOS
N.L. Tuesday May 27 STL NYY
N.L. Tuesday May 27 MIL BAL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Tuesday May 27 ARI SD
N.L. Tuesday May 27 LA CIN
N.L. Tuesday May 27 SF CHI
A.L. Wednesday May 28 TOR TB
A.L. Wednesday May 28 CWS CLE
A.L. Wednesday May 28 MIN TEX
A.L. Wednesday May 28 KC HOU
A.L. Wednesday May 28 OAK DET
A.L. Wednesday May 28 SEA LAA
A.L. Wednesday May 28 BOS ATL
N.L. Wednesday May 28 WSH MIA
N.L. Wednesday May 28 NY PIT
N.L. Wednesday May 28 PHI COL
N.L. Wednesday May 28 STL NYY
N.L. Wednesday May 28 MIL BAL
N.L. Wednesday May 28 ARI SD
N.L. Wednesday May 28 LA CIN
N.L. Wednesday May 28 SF CHI
A.L. Thursday May 29 BOS ATL
A.L. Thursday May 29 TOR KC
A.L. Thursday May 29 MIN TEX
A.L. Thursday May 29 HOU BAL
A.L. Thursday May 29 OAK DET
A.L. Thursday May 29 SEA LAA
N.L. Thursday May 29 STL SF
N.L. Thursday May 29 ARI CIN
N.L. Thursday May 29 LA PIT
N.L. Thursday May 29 PHI NY
A.L. Friday May 30 BOS TB
A.L. Friday May 30 NYY MIN
A.L. Friday May 30 TOR KC
A.L. Friday May 30 CLE COL
A.L. Friday May 30 CWS SD
A.L. Friday May 30 HOU BAL
A.L. Friday May 30 OAK LAA
A.L. Friday May 30 SEA DET
N.L. Friday May 30 WSH TEX
N.L. Friday May 30 PHI NY
N.L. Friday May 30 MIA ATL
N.L. Friday May 30 STL SF
N.L. Friday May 30 MIL CHI
N.L. Friday May 30 ARI CIN
N.L. Friday May 30 LA PIT
A.L. Saturday May 31 BOS TB
A.L. Saturday May 31 NYY MIN
A.L. Saturday May 31 TOR KC
A.L. Saturday May 31 CLE COL
A.L. Saturday May 31 CWS SD
A.L. Saturday May 31 HOU BAL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Saturday May 31 OAK LAA
A.L. Saturday May 31 SEA DET
N.L. Saturday May 31 WSH TEX
N.L. Saturday May 31 PHI NY
N.L. Saturday May 31 MIA ATL
N.L. Saturday May 31 STL SF
N.L. Saturday May 31 MIL CHI
N.L. Saturday May 31 ARI CIN
N.L. Saturday May 31 LA PIT
A.L. Sunday June 1 BOS TB
A.L. Sunday June 1 NYY MIN
A.L. Sunday June 1 TOR KC
A.L. Sunday June 1 CLE COL
A.L. Sunday June 1 CWS SD
A.L. Sunday June 1 HOU BAL
A.L. Sunday June 1 OAK LAA
A.L. Sunday June 1 SEA DET
N.L. Sunday June 1 WSH TEX
N.L. Sunday June 1 PHI NY
N.L. Sunday June 1 MIA ATL
N.L. Sunday June 1 STL SF
N.L. Sunday June 1 MIL CHI
N.L. Sunday June 1 ARI CIN
N.L. Sunday June 1 LA PIT
A.L. Monday June 2 CLE BOS
N.L. Monday June 2 MIA TB
N.L. Monday June 2 STL KC
N.L. Monday June 2 MIL MIN
N.L. Monday June 2 LA CWS
N.L. Monday June 2 SD PIT
A.L. Tuesday June 3 NYY OAK
A.L. Tuesday June 3 CLE BOS
A.L. Tuesday June 3 DET TOR
A.L. Tuesday June 3 HOU LAA
A.L. Tuesday June 3 TEX BAL
N.L. Tuesday June 3 WSH PHI
N.L. Tuesday June 3 ATL SEA
N.L. Tuesday June 3 MIA TB
N.L. Tuesday June 3 CHI NY
N.L. Tuesday June 3 CIN SF
N.L. Tuesday June 3 STL KC
N.L. Tuesday June 3 MIL MIN
N.L. Tuesday June 3 LA CWS
N.L. Tuesday June 3 SD PIT
N.L. Tuesday June 3 COL ARI
A.L. Wednesday June 4 NYY OAK
A.L. Wednesday June 4 TB MIA
A.L. Wednesday June 4 CLE BOS
A.L. Wednesday June 4 DET TOR
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Wednesday June 4 MIN MIL
A.L. Wednesday June 4 KC STL
A.L. Wednesday June 4 HOU LAA
A.L. Wednesday June 4 TEX BAL
N.L. Wednesday June 4 WSH PHI
N.L. Wednesday June 4 ATL SEA
N.L. Wednesday June 4 CHI NY
N.L. Wednesday June 4 CIN SF
N.L. Wednesday June 4 LA CWS
N.L. Wednesday June 4 SD PIT
N.L. Wednesday June 4 COL ARI
A.L. Thursday June 5 NYY OAK
A.L. Thursday June 5 TB MIA
A.L. Thursday June 5 DET TOR
A.L. Thursday June 5 MIN MIL
A.L. Thursday June 5 KC STL
A.L. Thursday June 5 HOU LAA
A.L. Thursday June 5 TEX BAL
N.L. Thursday June 5 WSH PHI
N.L. Thursday June 5 CHI NY
N.L. Thursday June 5 CIN SF
N.L. Thursday June 5 COL ARI
A.L. Friday June 6 BAL OAK
A.L. Friday June 6 TB SEA
A.L. Friday June 6 TOR STL
A.L. Friday June 6 MIN HOU
A.L. Friday June 6 KC NYY
A.L. Friday June 6 TEX CLE
A.L. Friday June 6 LAA CWS
A.L. Friday June 6 DET BOS
N.L. Friday June 6 PIT MIL
N.L. Friday June 6 CHI MIA
N.L. Friday June 6 CIN PHI
N.L. Friday June 6 ARI ATL
N.L. Friday June 6 SF NY
N.L. Friday June 6 SD WSH
N.L. Friday June 6 COL LA
A.L. Saturday June 7 BAL OAK
A.L. Saturday June 7 TB SEA
A.L. Saturday June 7 TOR STL
A.L. Saturday June 7 DET BOS
A.L. Saturday June 7 MIN HOU
A.L. Saturday June 7 KC NYY
A.L. Saturday June 7 TEX CLE
A.L. Saturday June 7 LAA CWS
N.L. Saturday June 7 PIT MIL
N.L. Saturday June 7 CHI MIA
N.L. Saturday June 7 CIN PHI
N.L. Saturday June 7 ARI ATL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Saturday June 7 SF NY
N.L. Saturday June 7 SD WSH
N.L. Saturday June 7 COL LA
A.L. Sunday June 8 BAL OAK
A.L. Sunday June 8 TB SEA
A.L. Sunday June 8 TOR STL
A.L. Sunday June 8 DET BOS
A.L. Sunday June 8 MIN HOU
A.L. Sunday June 8 KC NYY
A.L. Sunday June 8 TEX CLE
A.L. Sunday June 8 LAA CWS
N.L. Sunday June 8 PIT MIL
N.L. Sunday June 8 CHI MIA
N.L. Sunday June 8 CIN PHI
N.L. Sunday June 8 ARI ATL
N.L. Sunday June 8 SF NY
N.L. Sunday June 8 SD WSH
N.L. Sunday June 8 COL LA
A.L. Monday June 9 BAL BOS
A.L. Monday June 9 TB SEA
A.L. Monday June 9 TOR MIN
A.L. Monday June 9 KC NYY
A.L. Monday June 9 TEX CLE
A.L. Monday June 9 LAA OAK
A.L. Monday June 9 CWS DET
N.L. Monday June 9 PIT CHI
N.L. Monday June 9 CIN LA
N.L. Monday June 9 ARI HOU
N.L. Monday June 9 SF WSH
N.L. Monday June 9 COL ATL
A.L. Tuesday June 10 BAL BOS
A.L. Tuesday June 10 TB STL
A.L. Tuesday June 10 TOR MIN
A.L. Tuesday June 10 CWS DET
A.L. Tuesday June 10 TEX MIA
A.L. Tuesday June 10 LAA OAK
A.L. Tuesday June 10 SEA NYY
A.L. Tuesday June 10 KC CLE
N.L. Tuesday June 10 NY MIL
N.L. Tuesday June 10 PHI SD
N.L. Tuesday June 10 PIT CHI
N.L. Tuesday June 10 CIN LA
N.L. Tuesday June 10 ARI HOU
N.L. Tuesday June 10 SF WSH
N.L. Tuesday June 10 COL ATL
A.L. Wednesday June 11 BAL BOS
A.L. Wednesday June 11 TB STL
A.L. Wednesday June 11 TOR MIN
A.L. Wednesday June 11 CWS DET
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Wednesday June 11 KC CLE
A.L. Wednesday June 11 HOU ARI
A.L. Wednesday June 11 TEX MIA
A.L. Wednesday June 11 LAA OAK
A.L. Wednesday June 11 SEA NYY
N.L. Wednesday June 11 NY MIL
N.L. Wednesday June 11 PHI SD
N.L. Wednesday June 11 PIT CHI
N.L. Wednesday June 11 CIN LA
N.L. Wednesday June 11 SF WSH
N.L. Wednesday June 11 COL ATL
A.L. Thursday June 12 BOS CLE
A.L. Thursday June 12 BAL TOR
A.L. Thursday June 12 CWS DET
A.L. Thursday June 12 HOU ARI
A.L. Thursday June 12 SEA NYY
N.L. Thursday June 12 NY MIL
N.L. Thursday June 12 PHI SD
N.L. Thursday June 12 PIT CHI
N.L. Thursday June 12 CIN LA
N.L. Thursday June 12 SF WSH
N.L. Thursday June 12 COL ATL
A.L. Friday June 13 BOS CLE
A.L. Friday June 13 BAL TOR
A.L. Friday June 13 DET MIN
A.L. Friday June 13 CWS KC
A.L. Friday June 13 HOU TB
A.L. Friday June 13 OAK NYY
A.L. Friday June 13 SEA TEX
N.L. Friday June 13 NY SD
N.L. Friday June 13 PHI CHI
N.L. Friday June 13 ATL LAA
N.L. Friday June 13 MIA PIT
N.L. Friday June 13 STL WSH
N.L. Friday June 13 MIL CIN
N.L. Friday June 13 LA ARI
N.L. Friday June 13 SF COL
A.L. Saturday June 14 BOS CLE
A.L. Saturday June 14 BAL TOR
A.L. Saturday June 14 DET MIN
A.L. Saturday June 14 CWS KC
A.L. Saturday June 14 HOU TB
A.L. Saturday June 14 OAK NYY
A.L. Saturday June 14 SEA TEX
N.L. Saturday June 14 NY SD
N.L. Saturday June 14 PHI CHI
N.L. Saturday June 14 ATL LAA
N.L. Saturday June 14 MIA PIT
N.L. Saturday June 14 STL WSH
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Saturday June 14 MIL CIN
N.L. Saturday June 14 LA ARI
N.L. Saturday June 14 SF COL
A.L. Sunday June 15 BOS CLE
A.L. Sunday June 15 BAL TOR
A.L. Sunday June 15 DET MIN
A.L. Sunday June 15 CWS KC
A.L. Sunday June 15 HOU TB
A.L. Sunday June 15 OAK NYY
A.L. Sunday June 15 SEA TEX
N.L. Sunday June 15 NY SD
N.L. Sunday June 15 PHI CHI
N.L. Sunday June 15 ATL LAA
N.L. Sunday June 15 STL WSH
N.L. Sunday June 15 MIL CIN
N.L. Sunday June 15 LA ARI
N.L. Sunday June 15 MIA PIT
N.L. Sunday June 15 SF COL
A.L. Monday June 16 BOS MIN
A.L. Monday June 16 TB BAL
A.L. Monday June 16 CLE LAA
A.L. Monday June 16 DET KC
A.L. Monday June 16 OAK TEX
A.L. Monday June 16 SEA SD
N.L. Monday June 16 ATL PHI
N.L. Monday June 16 MIA CHI
N.L. Monday June 16 STL NY
N.L. Monday June 16 ARI MIL
N.L. Monday June 16 LA COL
A.L. Tuesday June 17 BOS MIN
A.L. Tuesday June 17 NYY TOR
A.L. Tuesday June 17 TB BAL
A.L. Tuesday June 17 CLE LAA
A.L. Tuesday June 17 DET KC
A.L. Tuesday June 17 CWS SF
A.L. Tuesday June 17 OAK TEX
A.L. Tuesday June 17 SEA SD
N.L. Tuesday June 17 WSH HOU
N.L. Tuesday June 17 ATL PHI
N.L. Tuesday June 17 MIA CHI
N.L. Tuesday June 17 PIT CIN
N.L. Tuesday June 17 STL NY
N.L. Tuesday June 17 ARI MIL
N.L. Tuesday June 17 LA COL
A.L. Wednesday June 18 BOS MIN
A.L. Wednesday June 18 NYY TOR
A.L. Wednesday June 18 TB BAL
A.L. Wednesday June 18 CLE LAA
A.L. Wednesday June 18 DET KC
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Wednesday June 18 CWS SF
A.L. Wednesday June 18 OAK TEX
N.L. Wednesday June 18 WSH HOU
N.L. Wednesday June 18 ATL PHI
N.L. Wednesday June 18 MIA CHI
N.L. Wednesday June 18 PIT CIN
N.L. Wednesday June 18 STL NY
N.L. Wednesday June 18 ARI MIL
N.L. Wednesday June 18 LA COL
N.L. Wednesday June 18 SD SEA
A.L. Thursday June 19 NYY TOR
A.L. Thursday June 19 TB HOU
A.L. Thursday June 19 CLE LAA
A.L. Thursday June 19 MIN CWS
A.L. Thursday June 19 OAK BOS
N.L. Thursday June 19 WSH ATL
N.L. Thursday June 19 MIA NY
N.L. Thursday June 19 PIT CIN
N.L. Thursday June 19 STL PHI
N.L. Thursday June 19 ARI MIL
N.L. Thursday June 19 SD SEA
A.L. Friday June 20 NYY BAL
A.L. Friday June 20 TB HOU
A.L. Friday June 20 CLE DET
A.L. Friday June 20 MIN CWS
A.L. Friday June 20 KC SEA
A.L. Friday June 20 OAK BOS
A.L. Friday June 20 LAA TEX
N.L. Friday June 20 WSH ATL
N.L. Friday June 20 MIA NY
N.L. Friday June 20 CHI PIT
N.L. Friday June 20 CIN TOR
N.L. Friday June 20 STL PHI
N.L. Friday June 20 ARI SF
N.L. Friday June 20 SD LA
N.L. Friday June 20 COL MIL
A.L. Saturday June 21 NYY BAL
A.L. Saturday June 21 TB HOU
A.L. Saturday June 21 CLE DET
A.L. Saturday June 21 MIN CWS
A.L. Saturday June 21 KC SEA
A.L. Saturday June 21 OAK BOS
A.L. Saturday June 21 LAA TEX
N.L. Saturday June 21 WSH ATL
N.L. Saturday June 21 MIA NY
N.L. Saturday June 21 CHI PIT
N.L. Saturday June 21 CIN TOR
N.L. Saturday June 21 STL PHI
N.L. Saturday June 21 ARI SF
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Saturday June 21 SD LA
N.L. Saturday June 21 COL MIL
A.L. Sunday June 22 NYY BAL
A.L. Sunday June 22 TB HOU
A.L. Sunday June 22 CLE DET
A.L. Sunday June 22 MIN CWS
A.L. Sunday June 22 KC SEA
A.L. Sunday June 22 OAK BOS
A.L. Sunday June 22 LAA TEX
N.L. Sunday June 22 WSH ATL
N.L. Sunday June 22 MIA NY
N.L. Sunday June 22 CHI PIT
N.L. Sunday June 22 CIN TOR
N.L. Sunday June 22 STL PHI
N.L. Sunday June 22 SD LA
N.L. Sunday June 22 COL MIL
N.L. Sunday June 22 ARI SF
A.L. Monday June 23 BAL CWS
A.L. Monday June 23 TB PIT
A.L. Monday June 23 TOR NYY
A.L. Monday June 23 LAA MIN
A.L. Monday June 23 SEA BOS
A.L. Monday June 23 KC LA
N.L. Monday June 23 PHI MIA
N.L. Monday June 23 CHI CIN
N.L. Monday June 23 MIL WSH
N.L. Monday June 23 SF SD
N.L. Monday June 23 COL STL
A.L. Tuesday June 24 BAL CWS
A.L. Tuesday June 24 TB PIT
A.L. Tuesday June 24 TOR NYY
A.L. Tuesday June 24 KC LA
A.L. Tuesday June 24 HOU ATL
A.L. Tuesday June 24 TEX DET
A.L. Tuesday June 24 LAA MIN
A.L. Tuesday June 24 SEA BOS
N.L. Tuesday June 24 NY OAK
N.L. Tuesday June 24 PHI MIA
N.L. Tuesday June 24 CHI CIN
N.L. Tuesday June 24 MIL WSH
N.L. Tuesday June 24 ARI CLE
N.L. Tuesday June 24 SF SD
N.L. Tuesday June 24 COL STL
A.L. Wednesday June 25 BAL CWS
A.L. Wednesday June 25 TB PIT
A.L. Wednesday June 25 TOR NYY
A.L. Wednesday June 25 KC LA
A.L. Wednesday June 25 HOU ATL
A.L. Wednesday June 25 TEX DET
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Wednesday June 25 LAA MIN
A.L. Wednesday June 25 SEA BOS
N.L. Wednesday June 25 NY OAK
N.L. Wednesday June 25 PHI MIA
N.L. Wednesday June 25 CHI CIN
N.L. Wednesday June 25 MIL WSH
N.L. Wednesday June 25 ARI CLE
N.L. Wednesday June 25 SF SD
N.L. Wednesday June 25 COL STL
A.L. Thursday June 26 TOR CWS
A.L. Thursday June 26 HOU ATL
A.L. Thursday June 26 TEX DET
N.L. Thursday June 26 PHI MIA
N.L. Thursday June 26 PIT NY
N.L. Thursday June 26 CHI WSH
N.L. Thursday June 26 MIL COL
N.L. Thursday June 26 LA STL
N.L. Thursday June 26 SF CIN
A.L. Friday June 27 NYY BOS
A.L. Friday June 27 BAL TB
A.L. Friday June 27 TOR CWS
A.L. Friday June 27 KC LAA
A.L. Friday June 27 HOU DET
A.L. Friday June 27 TEX MIN
A.L. Friday June 27 SEA CLE
N.L. Friday June 27 PHI ATL
N.L. Friday June 27 MIA OAK
N.L. Friday June 27 PIT NY
N.L. Friday June 27 CHI WSH
N.L. Friday June 27 MIL COL
N.L. Friday June 27 LA STL
N.L. Friday June 27 SF CIN
N.L. Friday June 27 SD ARI
A.L. Saturday June 28 NYY BOS
A.L. Saturday June 28 BAL TB
A.L. Saturday June 28 TOR CWS
A.L. Saturday June 28 KC LAA
A.L. Saturday June 28 HOU DET
A.L. Saturday June 28 TEX MIN
A.L. Saturday June 28 SEA CLE
N.L. Saturday June 28 PHI ATL
N.L. Saturday June 28 MIA OAK
N.L. Saturday June 28 PIT NY
N.L. Saturday June 28 CHI WSH
N.L. Saturday June 28 MIL COL
N.L. Saturday June 28 LA STL
N.L. Saturday June 28 SF CIN
N.L. Saturday June 28 SD ARI
A.L. Sunday June 29 NYY BOS
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday June 29 BAL TB
A.L. Sunday June 29 TOR CWS
A.L. Sunday June 29 KC LAA
A.L. Sunday June 29 HOU DET
A.L. Sunday June 29 TEX MIN
A.L. Sunday June 29 SEA CLE
N.L. Sunday June 29 PHI ATL
N.L. Sunday June 29 MIA OAK
N.L. Sunday June 29 PIT NY
N.L. Sunday June 29 CHI WSH
N.L. Sunday June 29 MIL COL
N.L. Sunday June 29 LA STL
N.L. Sunday June 29 SF CIN
N.L. Sunday June 29 SD ARI
A.L. Monday June 30 BOS CHI
A.L. Monday June 30 NYY TB
A.L. Monday June 30 BAL TEX
A.L. Monday June 30 DET OAK
A.L. Monday June 30 CWS LAA
A.L. Monday June 30 MIN KC
A.L. Monday June 30 HOU SEA
N.L. Monday June 30 WSH COL
N.L. Monday June 30 ATL NY
N.L. Monday June 30 LA CLE
N.L. Monday June 30 SD CIN
A.L. Tuesday July 1 BOS CHI
A.L. Tuesday July 1 NYY TB
A.L. Tuesday July 1 BAL TEX
A.L. Tuesday July 1 TOR MIL
A.L. Tuesday July 1 DET OAK
A.L. Tuesday July 1 CWS LAA
A.L. Tuesday July 1 MIN KC
A.L. Tuesday July 1 HOU SEA
N.L. Tuesday July 1 WSH COL
N.L. Tuesday July 1 ATL NY
N.L. Tuesday July 1 MIA PHI
N.L. Tuesday July 1 PIT ARI
N.L. Tuesday July 1 LA CLE
N.L. Tuesday July 1 SF STL
N.L. Tuesday July 1 SD CIN
A.L. Wednesday July 2 BOS CHI
A.L. Wednesday July 2 NYY TB
A.L. Wednesday July 2 BAL TEX
A.L. Wednesday July 2 DET OAK
A.L. Wednesday July 2 CWS LAA
A.L. Wednesday July 2 MIN KC
A.L. Wednesday July 2 HOU SEA
A.L. Wednesday July 2 TOR MIL
N.L. Wednesday July 2 WSH COL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Wednesday July 2 ATL NY
N.L. Wednesday July 2 MIA PHI
N.L. Wednesday July 2 PIT ARI
N.L. Wednesday July 2 LA CLE
N.L. Wednesday July 2 SF STL
N.L. Wednesday July 2 SD CIN
A.L. Thursday July 3 BAL TEX
A.L. Thursday July 3 DET TB
A.L. Thursday July 3 MIN NYY
A.L. Thursday July 3 OAK TOR
A.L. Thursday July 3 LAA HOU
N.L. Thursday July 3 MIA PHI
N.L. Thursday July 3 PIT ARI
N.L. Thursday July 3 SF STL
N.L. Thursday July 3 COL LA
A.L. Friday July 4 BOS BAL
A.L. Friday July 4 CLE KC
A.L. Friday July 4 DET TB
A.L. Friday July 4 CWS SEA
A.L. Friday July 4 MIN NYY
A.L. Friday July 4 OAK TOR
A.L. Friday July 4 LAA HOU
N.L. Friday July 4 WSH CHI
N.L. Friday July 4 NY TEX
N.L. Friday July 4 ATL ARI
N.L. Friday July 4 PIT PHI
N.L. Friday July 4 CIN MIL
N.L. Friday July 4 STL MIA
N.L. Friday July 4 SD SF
N.L. Friday July 4 COL LA
A.L. Saturday July 5 BOS BAL
A.L. Saturday July 5 CLE KC
A.L. Saturday July 5 DET TB
A.L. Saturday July 5 CWS SEA
A.L. Saturday July 5 MIN NYY
A.L. Saturday July 5 OAK TOR
A.L. Saturday July 5 LAA HOU
N.L. Saturday July 5 WSH CHI
N.L. Saturday July 5 NY TEX
N.L. Saturday July 5 ATL ARI
N.L. Saturday July 5 PIT PHI
N.L. Saturday July 5 CIN MIL
N.L. Saturday July 5 STL MIA
N.L. Saturday July 5 SD SF
N.L. Saturday July 5 COL LA
A.L. Sunday July 6 BOS BAL
A.L. Sunday July 6 CLE KC
A.L. Sunday July 6 DET TB
A.L. Sunday July 6 CWS SEA
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday July 6 MIN NYY
A.L. Sunday July 6 OAK TOR
A.L. Sunday July 6 LAA HOU
N.L. Sunday July 6 WSH CHI
N.L. Sunday July 6 NY TEX
N.L. Sunday July 6 ATL ARI
N.L. Sunday July 6 PIT PHI
N.L. Sunday July 6 CIN MIL
N.L. Sunday July 6 STL MIA
N.L. Sunday July 6 SD SF
N.L. Sunday July 6 COL LA
A.L. Monday July 7 BOS CWS
A.L. Monday July 7 TB KC
A.L. Monday July 7 CLE NYY
A.L. Monday July 7 OAK SF
A.L. Monday July 7 TEX HOU
A.L. Monday July 7 LAA TOR
A.L. Monday July 7 SEA MIN
N.L. Monday July 7 WSH BAL
N.L. Monday July 7 NY ATL
N.L. Monday July 7 CIN CHI
N.L. Monday July 7 STL PIT
N.L. Monday July 7 MIL PHI
N.L. Monday July 7 ARI MIA
N.L. Monday July 7 COL SD
A.L. Tuesday July 8 BOS CWS
A.L. Tuesday July 8 TB KC
A.L. Tuesday July 8 CLE NYY
A.L. Tuesday July 8 DET LA
A.L. Tuesday July 8 OAK SF
A.L. Tuesday July 8 TEX HOU
A.L. Tuesday July 8 LAA TOR
A.L. Tuesday July 8 SEA MIN
N.L. Tuesday July 8 WSH BAL
N.L. Tuesday July 8 NY ATL
N.L. Tuesday July 8 CIN CHI
N.L. Tuesday July 8 STL PIT
N.L. Tuesday July 8 MIL PHI
N.L. Tuesday July 8 ARI MIA
N.L. Tuesday July 8 COL SD
A.L. Wednesday July 9 BOS CWS
A.L. Wednesday July 9 BAL WSH
A.L. Wednesday July 9 TB KC
A.L. Wednesday July 9 CLE NYY
A.L. Wednesday July 9 TEX HOU
A.L. Wednesday July 9 LAA TOR
A.L. Wednesday July 9 SEA MIN
A.L. Wednesday July 9 DET LA
N.L. Wednesday July 9 NY ATL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Wednesday July 9 CIN CHI
N.L. Wednesday July 9 STL PIT
N.L. Wednesday July 9 MIL PHI
N.L. Wednesday July 9 ARI MIA
N.L. Wednesday July 9 SF OAK
N.L. Wednesday July 9 COL SD
A.L. Thursday July 10 BOS CWS
A.L. Thursday July 10 BAL WSH
A.L. Thursday July 10 CLE NYY
A.L. Thursday July 10 KC DET
A.L. Thursday July 10 TEX LAA
A.L. Thursday July 10 SEA MIN
N.L. Thursday July 10 NY ATL
N.L. Thursday July 10 CIN CHI
N.L. Thursday July 10 STL PIT
N.L. Thursday July 10 MIL PHI
N.L. Thursday July 10 LA SD
N.L. Thursday July 10 SF OAK
A.L. Friday July 11 BAL NYY
A.L. Friday July 11 TB TOR
A.L. Friday July 11 CLE CWS
A.L. Friday July 11 KC DET
A.L. Friday July 11 HOU BOS
A.L. Friday July 11 TEX LAA
A.L. Friday July 11 SEA OAK
N.L. Friday July 11 NY MIA
N.L. Friday July 11 PHI WSH
N.L. Friday July 11 CHI ATL
N.L. Friday July 11 CIN PIT
N.L. Friday July 11 MIL STL
N.L. Friday July 11 LA SD
N.L. Friday July 11 SF ARI
N.L. Friday July 11 COL MIN
A.L. Saturday July 12 BAL NYY
A.L. Saturday July 12 TB TOR
A.L. Saturday July 12 CLE CWS
A.L. Saturday July 12 KC DET
A.L. Saturday July 12 HOU BOS
A.L. Saturday July 12 TEX LAA
A.L. Saturday July 12 SEA OAK
N.L. Saturday July 12 NY MIA
N.L. Saturday July 12 PHI WSH
N.L. Saturday July 12 CHI ATL
N.L. Saturday July 12 CIN PIT
N.L. Saturday July 12 MIL STL
N.L. Saturday July 12 LA SD
N.L. Saturday July 12 SF ARI
N.L. Saturday July 12 COL MIN
A.L. Sunday July 13 BAL NYY
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday July 13 TB TOR
A.L. Sunday July 13 CLE CWS
A.L. Sunday July 13 KC DET
A.L. Sunday July 13 HOU BOS
A.L. Sunday July 13 TEX LAA
A.L. Sunday July 13 SEA OAK
N.L. Sunday July 13 NY MIA
N.L. Sunday July 13 PHI WSH
N.L. Sunday July 13 CHI ATL
N.L. Sunday July 13 CIN PIT
N.L. Sunday July 13 MIL STL
N.L. Sunday July 13 LA SD
N.L. Sunday July 13 SF ARI
N.L. Sunday July 13 COL MIN
A.L. Friday July 18 BOS KC
A.L. Friday July 18 NYY CIN
A.L. Friday July 18 TOR TEX
A.L. Friday July 18 DET CLE
A.L. Friday July 18 CWS HOU
A.L. Friday July 18 MIN TB
A.L. Friday July 18 OAK BAL
A.L. Friday July 18 LAA SEA
N.L. Friday July 18 WSH MIL
N.L. Friday July 18 ATL PHI
N.L. Friday July 18 MIA SF
N.L. Friday July 18 PIT COL
N.L. Friday July 18 STL LA
N.L. Friday July 18 ARI CHI
N.L. Friday July 18 SD NY
A.L. Saturday July 19 NYY CIN
A.L. Saturday July 19 TOR TEX
A.L. Saturday July 19 BOS KC
A.L. Saturday July 19 DET CLE
A.L. Saturday July 19 CWS HOU
A.L. Saturday July 19 MIN TB
A.L. Saturday July 19 OAK BAL
A.L. Saturday July 19 LAA SEA
N.L. Saturday July 19 WSH MIL
N.L. Saturday July 19 ATL PHI
N.L. Saturday July 19 MIA SF
N.L. Saturday July 19 PIT COL
N.L. Saturday July 19 STL LA
N.L. Saturday July 19 ARI CHI
N.L. Saturday July 19 SD NY
A.L. Sunday July 20 BOS KC
A.L. Sunday July 20 NYY CIN
A.L. Sunday July 20 TOR TEX
A.L. Sunday July 20 DET CLE
A.L. Sunday July 20 CWS HOU
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday July 20 MIN TB
A.L. Sunday July 20 OAK BAL
A.L. Sunday July 20 LAA SEA
N.L. Sunday July 20 WSH MIL
N.L. Sunday July 20 ATL PHI
N.L. Sunday July 20 MIA SF
N.L. Sunday July 20 PIT COL
N.L. Sunday July 20 STL LA
N.L. Sunday July 20 ARI CHI
N.L. Sunday July 20 SD NY
A.L. Monday July 21 NYY TEX
A.L. Monday July 21 TOR BOS
A.L. Monday July 21 CWS KC
A.L. Monday July 21 MIN CLE
A.L. Monday July 21 LAA BAL
A.L. Monday July 21 SEA NY
N.L. Monday July 21 PHI SF
N.L. Monday July 21 ATL MIA
N.L. Monday July 21 PIT LA
N.L. Monday July 21 MIL CIN
N.L. Monday July 21 ARI DET
N.L. Monday July 21 COL WSH
A.L. Tuesday July 22 NYY TEX
A.L. Tuesday July 22 TOR BOS
A.L. Tuesday July 22 CWS KC
A.L. Tuesday July 22 MIN CLE
A.L. Tuesday July 22 OAK HOU
A.L. Tuesday July 22 LAA BAL
A.L. Tuesday July 22 SEA NY
N.L. Tuesday July 22 PHI SF
N.L. Tuesday July 22 ATL MIA
N.L. Tuesday July 22 PIT LA
N.L. Tuesday July 22 CHI SD
N.L. Tuesday July 22 STL TB
N.L. Tuesday July 22 MIL CIN
N.L. Tuesday July 22 ARI DET
N.L. Tuesday July 22 COL WSH
A.L. Wednesday July 23 NYY TEX
A.L. Wednesday July 23 TOR BOS
A.L. Wednesday July 23 CWS KC
A.L. Wednesday July 23 MIN CLE
A.L. Wednesday July 23 OAK HOU
A.L. Wednesday July 23 LAA BAL
A.L. Wednesday July 23 SEA NY
N.L. Wednesday July 23 PHI SF
N.L. Wednesday July 23 ATL MIA
N.L. Wednesday July 23 PIT LA
N.L. Wednesday July 23 CHI SD
N.L. Wednesday July 23 STL TB
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Wednesday July 23 MIL CIN
N.L. Wednesday July 23 ARI DET
N.L. Wednesday July 23 COL WSH
A.L. Thursday July 24 NYY TEX
A.L. Thursday July 24 TOR BOS
A.L. Thursday July 24 MIN CWS
A.L. Thursday July 24 KC CLE
A.L. Thursday July 24 OAK HOU
A.L. Thursday July 24 LAA DET
A.L. Thursday July 24 SEA BAL
N.L. Thursday July 24 PHI SF
N.L. Thursday July 24 ATL MIA
N.L. Thursday July 24 CHI SD
N.L. Thursday July 24 MIL NY
A.L. Friday July 25 NYY TOR
A.L. Friday July 25 TB BOS
A.L. Friday July 25 MIN CWS
A.L. Friday July 25 KC CLE
A.L. Friday July 25 HOU MIA
A.L. Friday July 25 TEX OAK
A.L. Friday July 25 LAA DET
A.L. Friday July 25 SEA BAL
N.L. Friday July 25 PHI ARI
N.L. Friday July 25 ATL SD
N.L. Friday July 25 CHI STL
N.L. Friday July 25 CIN WSH
N.L. Friday July 25 MIL NY
N.L. Friday July 25 SF LA
N.L. Friday July 25 COL PIT
A.L. Saturday July 26 NYY TOR
A.L. Saturday July 26 TB BOS
A.L. Saturday July 26 MIN CWS
A.L. Saturday July 26 KC CLE
A.L. Saturday July 26 HOU MIA
A.L. Saturday July 26 TEX OAK
A.L. Saturday July 26 LAA DET
A.L. Saturday July 26 SEA BAL
N.L. Saturday July 26 PHI ARI
N.L. Saturday July 26 ATL SD
N.L. Saturday July 26 CHI STL
N.L. Saturday July 26 CIN WSH
N.L. Saturday July 26 MIL NY
N.L. Saturday July 26 SF LA
N.L. Saturday July 26 COL PIT
A.L. Sunday July 27 SEA BAL
A.L. Sunday July 27 LAA DET
A.L. Sunday July 27 TEX OAK
A.L. Sunday July 27 HOU MIA
A.L. Sunday July 27 KC CLE
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday July 27 MIN CWS
A.L. Sunday July 27 TB BOS
A.L. Sunday July 27 NYY TOR
N.L. Sunday July 27 PHI ARI
N.L. Sunday July 27 ATL SD
N.L. Sunday July 27 CHI STL
N.L. Sunday July 27 CIN WSH
N.L. Sunday July 27 MIL NY
N.L. Sunday July 27 SF LA
N.L. Sunday July 27 COL PIT
A.L. Monday July 28 BOS TOR
A.L. Monday July 28 TB MIL
A.L. Monday July 28 HOU OAK
A.L. Monday July 28 TEX NYY
N.L. Monday July 28 NY PHI
N.L. Monday July 28 ATL SD
N.L. Monday July 28 MIA WSH
N.L. Monday July 28 CHI COL
N.L. Monday July 28 CIN ARI
N.L. Monday July 28 SF PIT
A.L. Tuesday July 29 BOS TOR
A.L. Tuesday July 29 BAL LAA
A.L. Tuesday July 29 TB MIL
A.L. Tuesday July 29 CLE SEA
A.L. Tuesday July 29 DET CWS
A.L. Tuesday July 29 KC MIN
A.L. Tuesday July 29 HOU OAK
A.L. Tuesday July 29 TEX NYY
N.L. Tuesday July 29 NY PHI
N.L. Tuesday July 29 MIA WSH
N.L. Tuesday July 29 CHI COL
N.L. Tuesday July 29 CIN ARI
N.L. Tuesday July 29 LA ATL
N.L. Tuesday July 29 SF PIT
N.L. Tuesday July 29 SD STL
A.L. Wednesday July 30 BOS TOR
A.L. Wednesday July 30 BAL LAA
A.L. Wednesday July 30 TB MIL
A.L. Wednesday July 30 CLE SEA
A.L. Wednesday July 30 DET CWS
A.L. Wednesday July 30 KC MIN
A.L. Wednesday July 30 HOU OAK
A.L. Wednesday July 30 TEX NYY
N.L. Wednesday July 30 NY PHI
N.L. Wednesday July 30 MIA WSH
N.L. Wednesday July 30 CHI COL
N.L. Wednesday July 30 CIN ARI
N.L. Wednesday July 30 LA ATL
N.L. Wednesday July 30 SF PIT
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Wednesday July 30 SD STL
A.L. Thursday July 31 BAL LAA
A.L. Thursday July 31 CLE SEA
A.L. Thursday July 31 DET CWS
A.L. Thursday July 31 KC MIN
A.L. Thursday July 31 HOU TOR
N.L. Thursday July 31 WSH PHI
N.L. Thursday July 31 MIA CIN
N.L. Thursday July 31 CHI COL
N.L. Thursday July 31 ARI PIT
N.L. Thursday July 31 LA ATL
N.L. Thursday July 31 SD STL
A.L. Friday August 1 BOS NYY
A.L. Friday August 1 BAL SEA
A.L. Friday August 1 TB LAA
A.L. Friday August 1 CLE TEX
A.L. Friday August 1 DET COL
A.L. Friday August 1 CWS MIN
A.L. Friday August 1 HOU TOR
A.L. Friday August 1 OAK KC
N.L. Friday August 1 WSH PHI
N.L. Friday August 1 NY SF
N.L. Friday August 1 MIA CIN
N.L. Friday August 1 STL MIL
N.L. Friday August 1 ARI PIT
N.L. Friday August 1 LA CHI
N.L. Friday August 1 SD ATL
A.L. Saturday August 2 BOS NYY
A.L. Saturday August 2 BAL SEA
A.L. Saturday August 2 TB LAA
A.L. Saturday August 2 CLE TEX
A.L. Saturday August 2 DET COL
A.L. Saturday August 2 CWS MIN
A.L. Saturday August 2 HOU TOR
A.L. Saturday August 2 OAK KC
N.L. Saturday August 2 WSH PHI
N.L. Saturday August 2 NY SF
N.L. Saturday August 2 MIA CIN
N.L. Saturday August 2 STL MIL
N.L. Saturday August 2 ARI PIT
N.L. Saturday August 2 LA CHI
N.L. Saturday August 2 SD ATL
A.L. Sunday August 3 BOS NYY
A.L. Sunday August 3 BAL SEA
A.L. Sunday August 3 TB LAA
A.L. Sunday August 3 CLE TEX
A.L. Sunday August 3 DET COL
A.L. Sunday August 3 CWS MIN
A.L. Sunday August 3 HOU TOR
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Sunday August 3 OAK KC
N.L. Sunday August 3 WSH PHI
N.L. Sunday August 3 NY SF
N.L. Sunday August 3 MIA CIN
N.L. Sunday August 3 STL MIL
N.L. Sunday August 3 ARI PIT
N.L. Sunday August 3 LA CHI
N.L. Sunday August 3 SD ATL
A.L. Monday August 4 NYY DET
A.L. Monday August 4 CLE CIN
A.L. Monday August 4 CWS TEX
A.L. Monday August 4 OAK TB
N.L. Monday August 4 NY SF
N.L. Monday August 4 LA LAA
A.L. Tuesday August 5 NYY DET
A.L. Tuesday August 5 TOR BAL
A.L. Tuesday August 5 CLE CIN
A.L. Tuesday August 5 CWS TEX
A.L. Tuesday August 5 MIN SD
A.L. Tuesday August 5 OAK TB
A.L. Tuesday August 5 SEA ATL
N.L. Tuesday August 5 WSH NY
N.L. Tuesday August 5 PHI HOU
N.L. Tuesday August 5 PIT MIA
N.L. Tuesday August 5 STL BOS
N.L. Tuesday August 5 MIL SF
N.L. Tuesday August 5 ARI KC
N.L. Tuesday August 5 COL CHI
N.L. Tuesday August 5 LA LAA
A.L. Wednesday August 6 NYY DET
A.L. Wednesday August 6 TOR BAL
A.L. Wednesday August 6 CWS TEX
A.L. Wednesday August 6 MIN SD
A.L. Wednesday August 6 OAK TB
A.L. Wednesday August 6 SEA ATL
A.L. Wednesday August 6 LAA LA
N.L. Wednesday August 6 WSH NY
N.L. Wednesday August 6 PHI HOU
N.L. Wednesday August 6 PIT MIA
N.L. Wednesday August 6 CIN CLE
N.L. Wednesday August 6 STL BOS
N.L. Wednesday August 6 MIL SF
N.L. Wednesday August 6 ARI KC
N.L. Wednesday August 6 COL CHI
A.L. Thursday August 7 NYY DET
A.L. Thursday August 7 TOR BAL
A.L. Thursday August 7 OAK MIN
A.L. Thursday August 7 LAA LA
A.L. Thursday August 7 SEA CWS
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Thursday August 7 WSH NY
N.L. Thursday August 7 PHI HOU
N.L. Thursday August 7 PIT MIA
N.L. Thursday August 7 CIN CLE
N.L. Thursday August 7 STL BOS
N.L. Thursday August 7 MIL SF
N.L. Thursday August 7 ARI KC
N.L. Thursday August 7 COL CHI
A.L. Friday August 8 NYY CLE
A.L. Friday August 8 BAL STL
A.L. Friday August 8 TOR DET
A.L. Friday August 8 KC SF
A.L. Friday August 8 HOU TEX
A.L. Friday August 8 OAK MIN
A.L. Friday August 8 LAA BOS
A.L. Friday August 8 SEA CWS
N.L. Friday August 8 PHI NY
N.L. Friday August 8 ATL WSH
N.L. Friday August 8 PIT SD
N.L. Friday August 8 CHI TB
N.L. Friday August 8 CIN MIA
N.L. Friday August 8 MIL LA
N.L. Friday August 8 ARI COL
A.L. Saturday August 9 NYY CLE
A.L. Saturday August 9 BAL STL
A.L. Saturday August 9 TOR DET
A.L. Saturday August 9 KC SF
A.L. Saturday August 9 HOU TEX
A.L. Saturday August 9 OAK MIN
A.L. Saturday August 9 LAA BOS
A.L. Saturday August 9 SEA CWS
N.L. Saturday August 9 PHI NY
N.L. Saturday August 9 ATL WSH
N.L. Saturday August 9 PIT SD
N.L. Saturday August 9 CHI TB
N.L. Saturday August 9 CIN MIA
N.L. Saturday August 9 MIL LA
N.L. Saturday August 9 ARI COL
A.L. Sunday August 10 NYY CLE
A.L. Sunday August 10 BAL STL
A.L. Sunday August 10 TOR DET
A.L. Sunday August 10 KC SF
A.L. Sunday August 10 HOU TEX
A.L. Sunday August 10 OAK MIN
A.L. Sunday August 10 LAA BOS
A.L. Sunday August 10 SEA CWS
N.L. Sunday August 10 PHI NY
N.L. Sunday August 10 ATL WSH
N.L. Sunday August 10 PIT SD
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Sunday August 10 CHI TB
N.L. Sunday August 10 CIN MIA
N.L. Sunday August 10 MIL LA
N.L. Sunday August 10 ARI COL
A.L. Monday August 11 BAL NYY
A.L. Monday August 11 KC OAK
A.L. Monday August 11 HOU MIN
A.L. Monday August 11 TEX TB
A.L. Monday August 11 SEA TOR
N.L. Monday August 11 PHI NY
N.L. Monday August 11 ATL LA
N.L. Monday August 11 MIA STL
N.L. Monday August 11 PIT DET
N.L. Monday August 11 CHI MIL
N.L. Monday August 11 SD COL
A.L. Tuesday August 12 BAL NYY
A.L. Tuesday August 12 CLE ARI
A.L. Tuesday August 12 KC OAK
A.L. Tuesday August 12 HOU MIN
A.L. Tuesday August 12 TEX TB
A.L. Tuesday August 12 LAA PHI
A.L. Tuesday August 12 SEA TOR
N.L. Tuesday August 12 NY WSH
N.L. Tuesday August 12 ATL LA
N.L. Tuesday August 12 MIA STL
N.L. Tuesday August 12 PIT DET
N.L. Tuesday August 12 CHI MIL
N.L. Tuesday August 12 CIN BOS
N.L. Tuesday August 12 SF CWS
N.L. Tuesday August 12 SD COL
A.L. Wednesday August 13 BAL NYY
A.L. Wednesday August 13 CLE ARI
A.L. Wednesday August 13 DET PIT
A.L. Wednesday August 13 KC OAK
A.L. Wednesday August 13 HOU MIN
A.L. Wednesday August 13 TEX TB
A.L. Wednesday August 13 LAA PHI
A.L. Wednesday August 13 SEA TOR
N.L. Wednesday August 13 NY WSH
N.L. Wednesday August 13 ATL LA
N.L. Wednesday August 13 MIA STL
N.L. Wednesday August 13 CHI MIL
N.L. Wednesday August 13 CIN BOS
N.L. Wednesday August 13 SF CWS
N.L. Wednesday August 13 SD COL
A.L. Thursday August 14 BOS HOU
A.L. Thursday August 14 DET PIT
A.L. Thursday August 14 KC OAK
A.L. Thursday August 14 TEX TB
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Thursday August 14 NY WSH
N.L. Thursday August 14 ATL LA
N.L. Thursday August 14 MIA ARI
N.L. Thursday August 14 STL SD
N.L. Thursday August 14 COL CIN
N.L. Thursday August 14 CHI MIL
A.L. Friday August 15 BOS HOU
A.L. Friday August 15 TB NYY
A.L. Friday August 15 CLE BAL
A.L. Friday August 15 DET SEA
A.L. Friday August 15 CWS TOR
A.L. Friday August 15 MIN KC
A.L. Friday August 15 TEX LAA
N.L. Friday August 15 WSH PIT
N.L. Friday August 15 NY CHI
N.L. Friday August 15 ATL OAK
N.L. Friday August 15 MIA ARI
N.L. Friday August 15 STL SD
N.L. Friday August 15 LA MIL
N.L. Friday August 15 SF PHI
N.L. Friday August 15 COL CIN
A.L. Saturday August 16 BOS HOU
A.L. Saturday August 16 TB NYY
A.L. Saturday August 16 CLE BAL
A.L. Saturday August 16 DET SEA
A.L. Saturday August 16 CWS TOR
A.L. Saturday August 16 MIN KC
A.L. Saturday August 16 TEX LAA
N.L. Saturday August 16 WSH PIT
N.L. Saturday August 16 NY CHI
N.L. Saturday August 16 ATL OAK
N.L. Saturday August 16 MIA ARI
N.L. Saturday August 16 STL SD
N.L. Saturday August 16 LA MIL
N.L. Saturday August 16 SF PHI
N.L. Saturday August 16 COL CIN
A.L. Sunday August 17 BOS HOU
A.L. Sunday August 17 TB NYY
A.L. Sunday August 17 CLE BAL
A.L. Sunday August 17 DET SEA
A.L. Sunday August 17 CWS TOR
A.L. Sunday August 17 MIN KC
A.L. Sunday August 17 TEX LAA
N.L. Sunday August 17 WSH PIT
N.L. Sunday August 17 NY CHI
N.L. Sunday August 17 ATL OAK
N.L. Sunday August 17 MIA ARI
N.L. Sunday August 17 STL SD
N.L. Sunday August 17 LA MIL
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Sunday August 17 SF PHI
N.L. Sunday August 17 COL CIN
A.L. Monday August 18 BOS LAA
A.L. Monday August 18 CWS BAL
A.L. Monday August 18 MIN KC
N.L. Monday August 18 WSH ARI
N.L. Monday August 18 NY CHI
N.L. Monday August 18 PIT ATL
N.L. Monday August 18 STL CIN
N.L. Monday August 18 PHI SEA
A.L. Tuesday August 19 BOS LAA
A.L. Tuesday August 19 NYY HOU
A.L. Tuesday August 19 TB DET
A.L. Tuesday August 19 CWS BAL
A.L. Tuesday August 19 MIN CLE
A.L. Tuesday August 19 OAK NY
N.L. Tuesday August 19 WSH ARI
N.L. Tuesday August 19 PHI SEA
N.L. Tuesday August 19 MIA TEX
N.L. Tuesday August 19 PIT ATL
N.L. Tuesday August 19 CHI SF
N.L. Tuesday August 19 STL CIN
N.L. Tuesday August 19 MIL TOR
N.L. Tuesday August 19 LA SD
N.L. Tuesday August 19 COL KC
A.L. Wednesday August 20 BOS LAA
A.L. Wednesday August 20 NYY HOU
A.L. Wednesday August 20 TB DET
A.L. Wednesday August 20 CWS BAL
A.L. Wednesday August 20 MIN CLE
A.L. Wednesday August 20 OAK NY
N.L. Wednesday August 20 WSH ARI
N.L. Wednesday August 20 PHI SEA
N.L. Wednesday August 20 MIA TEX
N.L. Wednesday August 20 PIT ATL
N.L. Wednesday August 20 CHI SF
N.L. Wednesday August 20 STL CIN
N.L. Wednesday August 20 MIL TOR
N.L. Wednesday August 20 LA SD
N.L. Wednesday August 20 COL KC
A.L. Thursday August 21 BOS LAA
A.L. Thursday August 21 NYY HOU
A.L. Thursday August 21 TB DET
A.L. Thursday August 21 MIN CLE
N.L. Thursday August 21 WSH ARI
N.L. Thursday August 21 CHI SF
N.L. Thursday August 21 LA SD
N.L. Thursday August 21 CIN ATL
A.L. Friday August 22 BOS SEA
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Friday August 22 NYY CWS
A.L. Friday August 22 TOR TB
A.L. Friday August 22 CLE HOU
A.L. Friday August 22 MIN DET
A.L. Friday August 22 OAK LAA
A.L. Friday August 22 TEX KC
N.L. Friday August 22 WSH SF
N.L. Friday August 22 PHI STL
N.L. Friday August 22 CHI BAL
N.L. Friday August 22 CIN ATL
N.L. Friday August 22 MIL PIT
N.L. Friday August 22 ARI SD
N.L. Friday August 22 LA NY
N.L. Friday August 22 COL MIA
A.L. Saturday August 23 BOS SEA
A.L. Saturday August 23 NYY CWS
A.L. Saturday August 23 TOR TB
A.L. Saturday August 23 MIN DET
A.L. Saturday August 23 OAK LAA
A.L. Saturday August 23 TEX KC
A.L. Saturday August 23 CLE HOU
N.L. Saturday August 23 WSH SF
N.L. Saturday August 23 PHI STL
N.L. Saturday August 23 CHI BAL
N.L. Saturday August 23 CIN ATL
N.L. Saturday August 23 MIL PIT
N.L. Saturday August 23 ARI SD
N.L. Saturday August 23 LA NY
N.L. Saturday August 23 COL MIA
A.L. Sunday August 24 BOS SEA
A.L. Sunday August 24 NYY CWS
A.L. Sunday August 24 TOR TB
A.L. Sunday August 24 CLE HOU
A.L. Sunday August 24 MIN DET
A.L. Sunday August 24 OAK LAA
A.L. Sunday August 24 TEX KC
N.L. Sunday August 24 WSH SF
N.L. Sunday August 24 PHI STL
N.L. Sunday August 24 CHI BAL
N.L. Sunday August 24 CIN ATL
N.L. Sunday August 24 MIL PIT
N.L. Sunday August 24 ARI SD
N.L. Sunday August 24 LA NY
N.L. Sunday August 24 COL MIA
A.L. Monday August 25 BAL TB
A.L. Monday August 25 TOR BOS
A.L. Monday August 25 HOU OAK
A.L. Monday August 25 LAA MIA
A.L. Monday August 25 SEA TEX
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Monday August 25 PHI WSH
N.L. Monday August 25 PIT STL
N.L. Monday August 25 SF COL
N.L. Monday August 25 SD MIL
A.L. Tuesday August 26 BAL TB
A.L. Tuesday August 26 TOR BOS
A.L. Tuesday August 26 DET NYY
A.L. Tuesday August 26 CWS CLE
A.L. Tuesday August 26 KC MIN
A.L. Tuesday August 26 HOU OAK
A.L. Tuesday August 26 LAA MIA
A.L. Tuesday August 26 SEA TEX
N.L. Tuesday August 26 NY ATL
N.L. Tuesday August 26 PHI WSH
N.L. Tuesday August 26 PIT STL
N.L. Tuesday August 26 CIN CHI
N.L. Tuesday August 26 ARI LA
N.L. Tuesday August 26 SF COL
N.L. Tuesday August 26 SD MIL
A.L. Wednesday August 27 BAL TB
A.L. Wednesday August 27 TOR BOS
A.L. Wednesday August 27 DET NYY
A.L. Wednesday August 27 CWS CLE
A.L. Wednesday August 27 KC MIN
A.L. Wednesday August 27 HOU OAK
A.L. Wednesday August 27 LAA MIA
A.L. Wednesday August 27 SEA TEX
N.L. Wednesday August 27 NY ATL
N.L. Wednesday August 27 PHI WSH
N.L. Wednesday August 27 PIT STL
N.L. Wednesday August 27 CIN CHI
N.L. Wednesday August 27 ARI LA
N.L. Wednesday August 27 SF COL
N.L. Wednesday August 27 SD MIL
A.L. Thursday August 28 BAL TB
A.L. Thursday August 28 HOU TEX
A.L. Thursday August 28 LAA OAK
A.L. Thursday August 28 KC MIN
A.L. Thursday August 28 CWS CLE
A.L. Thursday August 28 DET NYY
N.L. Thursday August 28 NY ATL
N.L. Thursday August 28 CIN CHI
N.L. Thursday August 28 SF COL
A.L. Friday August 29 BAL MIN
A.L. Friday August 29 TB BOS
A.L. Friday August 29 TOR NYY
A.L. Friday August 29 CWS DET
A.L. Friday August 29 KC CLE
A.L. Friday August 29 HOU TEX
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Friday August 29 LAA OAK
A.L. Friday August 29 SEA WSH
N.L. Friday August 29 NY PHI
N.L. Friday August 29 ATL MIA
N.L. Friday August 29 PIT CIN
N.L. Friday August 29 STL CHI
N.L. Friday August 29 ARI COL
N.L. Friday August 29 SF MIL
N.L. Friday August 29 SD LA
A.L. Saturday August 30 BAL MIN
A.L. Saturday August 30 TB BOS
A.L. Saturday August 30 TOR NYY
A.L. Saturday August 30 CWS DET
A.L. Saturday August 30 KC CLE
A.L. Saturday August 30 HOU TEX
A.L. Saturday August 30 LAA OAK
A.L. Saturday August 30 SEA WSH
N.L. Saturday August 30 NY PHI
N.L. Saturday August 30 ATL MIA
N.L. Saturday August 30 PIT CIN
N.L. Saturday August 30 STL CHI
N.L. Saturday August 30 ARI COL
N.L. Saturday August 30 SF MIL
N.L. Saturday August 30 SD LA
A.L. Sunday August 31 BAL MIN
A.L. Sunday August 31 TB BOS
A.L. Sunday August 31 TOR NYY
A.L. Sunday August 31 CWS DET
A.L. Sunday August 31 KC CLE
A.L. Sunday August 31 HOU TEX
A.L. Sunday August 31 LAA OAK
A.L. Sunday August 31 SEA WSH
N.L. Sunday August 31 NY PHI
N.L. Sunday August 31 ATL MIA
N.L. Sunday August 31 PIT CIN
N.L. Sunday August 31 STL CHI
N.L. Sunday August 31 ARI COL
N.L. Sunday August 31 SF MIL
N.L. Sunday August 31 SD LA
A.L. Monday September 1 BAL MIN
A.L. Monday September 1 TB BOS
A.L. Monday September 1 CLE DET
A.L. Monday September 1 KC TEX
A.L. Monday September 1 OAK SEA
N.L. Monday September 1 ATL PHI
N.L. Monday September 1 MIA NY
N.L. Monday September 1 CHI MIL
N.L. Monday September 1 STL PIT
N.L. Monday September 1 LA WSH
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Monday September 1 SD ARI
N.L. Monday September 1 COL SF
A.L. Tuesday September 2 NYY BOS
A.L. Tuesday September 2 BAL CIN
A.L. Tuesday September 2 TB TOR
A.L. Tuesday September 2 CLE DET
A.L. Tuesday September 2 MIN CWS
A.L. Tuesday September 2 KC TEX
A.L. Tuesday September 2 HOU LAA
A.L. Tuesday September 2 OAK SEA
N.L. Tuesday September 2 ATL PHI
N.L. Tuesday September 2 MIA NY
N.L. Tuesday September 2 CHI MIL
N.L. Tuesday September 2 STL PIT
N.L. Tuesday September 2 LA WSH
N.L. Tuesday September 2 SD ARI
N.L. Tuesday September 2 COL SF
A.L. Wednesday September 3 NYY BOS
A.L. Wednesday September 3 BAL CIN
A.L. Wednesday September 3 TB TOR
A.L. Wednesday September 3 HOU LAA
A.L. Wednesday September 3 OAK SEA
A.L. Wednesday September 3 KC TEX
A.L. Wednesday September 3 MIN CWS
A.L. Wednesday September 3 CLE DET
N.L. Wednesday September 3 ATL PHI
N.L. Wednesday September 3 MIA NY
N.L. Wednesday September 3 CHI MIL
N.L. Wednesday September 3 STL PIT
N.L. Wednesday September 3 LA WSH
N.L. Wednesday September 3 SD ARI
N.L. Wednesday September 3 COL SF
A.L. Thursday September 4 NYY BOS
A.L. Thursday September 4 BAL CIN
A.L. Thursday September 4 TB TOR
A.L. Thursday September 4 MIN LAA
A.L. Thursday September 4 TEX SEA
A.L. Thursday September 4 CLE DET
N.L. Thursday September 4 MIL STL
N.L. Thursday September 4 SD ARI
A.L. Friday September 5 BOS TOR
A.L. Friday September 5 NYY KC
A.L. Friday September 5 TB BAL
A.L. Friday September 5 CLE CWS
A.L. Friday September 5 DET SF
A.L. Friday September 5 MIN LAA
A.L. Friday September 5 OAK HOU
A.L. Friday September 5 TEX SEA
N.L. Friday September 5 WSH PHI
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Friday September 5 MIA ATL
N.L. Friday September 5 CHI PIT
N.L. Friday September 5 CIN NY
N.L. Friday September 5 MIL STL
N.L. Friday September 5 LA ARI
N.L. Friday September 5 COL SD
A.L. Saturday September 6 BOS TOR
A.L. Saturday September 6 NYY KC
A.L. Saturday September 6 TB BAL
A.L. Saturday September 6 CLE CWS
A.L. Saturday September 6 DET SF
A.L. Saturday September 6 MIN LAA
A.L. Saturday September 6 OAK HOU
A.L. Saturday September 6 TEX SEA
N.L. Saturday September 6 WSH PHI
N.L. Saturday September 6 MIA ATL
N.L. Saturday September 6 CHI PIT
N.L. Saturday September 6 CIN NY
N.L. Saturday September 6 MIL STL
N.L. Saturday September 6 LA ARI
N.L. Saturday September 6 COL SD
A.L. Sunday September 7 BOS TOR
A.L. Sunday September 7 NYY KC
A.L. Sunday September 7 TB BAL
A.L. Sunday September 7 CLE CWS
A.L. Sunday September 7 DET SF
A.L. Sunday September 7 MIN LAA
A.L. Sunday September 7 OAK HOU
A.L. Sunday September 7 TEX SEA
N.L. Sunday September 7 WSH PHI
N.L. Sunday September 7 MIA ATL
N.L. Sunday September 7 CHI PIT
N.L. Sunday September 7 MIL STL
N.L. Sunday September 7 LA ARI
N.L. Sunday September 7 COL SD
N.L. Sunday September 7 CIN NY
A.L. Monday September 8 BOS BAL
A.L. Monday September 8 TOR CHI
A.L. Monday September 8 DET KC
A.L. Monday September 8 CWS OAK
A.L. Monday September 8 SEA HOU
N.L. Monday September 8 WSH ATL
N.L. Monday September 8 NY COL
N.L. Monday September 8 PHI PIT
N.L. Monday September 8 CIN STL
N.L. Monday September 8 MIL MIA
N.L. Monday September 8 LA SD
A.L. Tuesday September 9 BOS BAL
A.L. Tuesday September 9 NYY TB
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Tuesday September 9 TOR CHI
A.L. Tuesday September 9 CLE MIN
A.L. Tuesday September 9 DET KC
A.L. Tuesday September 9 CWS OAK
A.L. Tuesday September 9 SEA HOU
A.L. Tuesday September 9 TEX LAA
N.L. Tuesday September 9 WSH ATL
N.L. Tuesday September 9 NY COL
N.L. Tuesday September 9 PHI PIT
N.L. Tuesday September 9 CIN STL
N.L. Tuesday September 9 MIL MIA
N.L. Tuesday September 9 LA SD
N.L. Tuesday September 9 SF ARI
A.L. Wednesday September 10 BOS BAL
A.L. Wednesday September 10 NYY TB
A.L. Wednesday September 10 TOR CHI
A.L. Wednesday September 10 CLE MIN
A.L. Wednesday September 10 DET KC
A.L. Wednesday September 10 CWS OAK
A.L. Wednesday September 10 TEX LAA
A.L. Wednesday September 10 SEA HOU
N.L. Wednesday September 10 WSH ATL
N.L. Wednesday September 10 NY COL
N.L. Wednesday September 10 PHI PIT
N.L. Wednesday September 10 CIN STL
N.L. Wednesday September 10 MIL MIA
N.L. Wednesday September 10 LA SD
N.L. Wednesday September 10 SF ARI
A.L. Thursday September 11 NYY TB
A.L. Thursday September 11 CLE MIN
A.L. Thursday September 11 CWS OAK
A.L. Thursday September 11 KC BOS
A.L. Thursday September 11 TEX LAA
N.L. Thursday September 11 NY WSH
N.L. Thursday September 11 PHI PIT
N.L. Thursday September 11 CIN STL
N.L. Thursday September 11 MIL MIA
N.L. Thursday September 11 SF ARI
A.L. Friday September 12 BAL NYY
A.L. Friday September 12 TOR TB
A.L. Friday September 12 DET CLE
A.L. Friday September 12 CWS MIN
A.L. Friday September 12 KC BOS
A.L. Friday September 12 TEX ATL
A.L. Friday September 12 LAA HOU
A.L. Friday September 12 SEA OAK
N.L. Friday September 12 NY WSH
N.L. Friday September 12 PHI MIA
N.L. Friday September 12 PIT CHI
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Friday September 12 STL COL
N.L. Friday September 12 MIL CIN
N.L. Friday September 12 ARI SD
N.L. Friday September 12 SF LA
A.L. Saturday September 13 BAL NYY
A.L. Saturday September 13 TOR TB
A.L. Saturday September 13 DET CLE
A.L. Saturday September 13 CWS MIN
A.L. Saturday September 13 KC BOS
A.L. Saturday September 13 TEX ATL
A.L. Saturday September 13 LAA HOU
A.L. Saturday September 13 SEA OAK
N.L. Saturday September 13 NY WSH
N.L. Saturday September 13 PHI MIA
N.L. Saturday September 13 PIT CHI
N.L. Saturday September 13 STL COL
N.L. Saturday September 13 MIL CIN
N.L. Saturday September 13 ARI SD
N.L. Saturday September 13 SF LA
A.L. Sunday September 14 BAL NYY
A.L. Sunday September 14 TOR TB
A.L. Sunday September 14 DET CLE
A.L. Sunday September 14 CWS MIN
A.L. Sunday September 14 KC BOS
A.L. Sunday September 14 TEX ATL
A.L. Sunday September 14 LAA HOU
A.L. Sunday September 14 SEA OAK
N.L. Sunday September 14 NY WSH
N.L. Sunday September 14 PHI MIA
N.L. Sunday September 14 PIT CHI
N.L. Sunday September 14 STL COL
N.L. Sunday September 14 MIL CIN
N.L. Sunday September 14 ARI SD
N.L. Sunday September 14 SF LA
A.L. Monday September 15 BAL TOR
A.L. Monday September 15 TB NYY
A.L. Monday September 15 MIN DET
A.L. Monday September 15 KC CWS
A.L. Monday September 15 HOU CLE
A.L. Monday September 15 LAA SEA
N.L. Monday September 15 NY MIA
N.L. Monday September 15 ATL WSH
N.L. Monday September 15 CHI CIN
N.L. Monday September 15 ARI SF
N.L. Monday September 15 SD PHI
N.L. Monday September 15 COL LA
A.L. Tuesday September 16 BAL TOR
A.L. Tuesday September 16 TB NYY
A.L. Tuesday September 16 MIN DET
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Tuesday September 16 KC CWS
A.L. Tuesday September 16 HOU CLE
A.L. Tuesday September 16 OAK TEX
A.L. Tuesday September 16 LAA SEA
N.L. Tuesday September 16 NY MIA
N.L. Tuesday September 16 ATL WSH
N.L. Tuesday September 16 PIT BOS
N.L. Tuesday September 16 CHI CIN
N.L. Tuesday September 16 STL MIL
N.L. Tuesday September 16 ARI SF
N.L. Tuesday September 16 SD PHI
N.L. Tuesday September 16 COL LA
A.L. Wednesday September 17 BAL TOR
A.L. Wednesday September 17 TB NYY
A.L. Wednesday September 17 MIN DET
A.L. Wednesday September 17 KC CWS
A.L. Wednesday September 17 HOU CLE
A.L. Wednesday September 17 OAK TEX
A.L. Wednesday September 17 LAA SEA
N.L. Wednesday September 17 NY MIA
N.L. Wednesday September 17 ATL WSH
N.L. Wednesday September 17 PIT BOS
N.L. Wednesday September 17 CHI CIN
N.L. Wednesday September 17 STL MIL
N.L. Wednesday September 17 ARI SF
N.L. Wednesday September 17 SD PHI
N.L. Wednesday September 17 COL LA
A.L. Thursday September 18 NYY TOR
A.L. Thursday September 18 HOU CLE
A.L. Thursday September 18 OAK TEX
A.L. Thursday September 18 LAA SEA
N.L. Thursday September 18 MIA WSH
N.L. Thursday September 18 PIT BOS
N.L. Thursday September 18 CHI LA
N.L. Thursday September 18 STL MIL
N.L. Thursday September 18 SD PHI
N.L. Thursday September 18 COL ARI
A.L. Friday September 19 NYY TOR
A.L. Friday September 19 BAL BOS
A.L. Friday September 19 TB CWS
A.L. Friday September 19 KC DET
A.L. Friday September 19 HOU SEA
A.L. Friday September 19 OAK PHI
A.L. Friday September 19 LAA TEX
A.L. Friday September 19 MIN CLE
N.L. Friday September 19 ATL NY
N.L. Friday September 19 MIA WSH
N.L. Friday September 19 PIT MIL
N.L. Friday September 19 CHI LA
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
N.L. Friday September 19 STL CIN
N.L. Friday September 19 SD SF
N.L. Friday September 19 COL ARI
A.L. Saturday September 20 NYY TOR
A.L. Saturday September 20 BAL BOS
A.L. Saturday September 20 TB CWS
A.L. Saturday September 20 MIN CLE
A.L. Saturday September 20 KC DET
A.L. Saturday September 20 HOU SEA
A.L. Saturday September 20 OAK PHI
A.L. Saturday September 20 LAA TEX
N.L. Saturday September 20 ATL NY
N.L. Saturday September 20 MIA WSH
N.L. Saturday September 20 PIT MIL
N.L. Saturday September 20 CHI LA
N.L. Saturday September 20 STL CIN
N.L. Saturday September 20 SD SF
N.L. Saturday September 20 COL ARI
A.L. Sunday September 21 NYY TOR
A.L. Sunday September 21 BAL BOS
A.L. Sunday September 21 TB CWS
A.L. Sunday September 21 MIN CLE
A.L. Sunday September 21 KC DET
A.L. Sunday September 21 HOU SEA
A.L. Sunday September 21 OAK PHI
A.L. Sunday September 21 LAA TEX
N.L. Sunday September 21 ATL NY
N.L. Sunday September 21 MIA WSH
N.L. Sunday September 21 STL CIN
N.L. Sunday September 21 SD SF
N.L. Sunday September 21 COL ARI
N.L. Sunday September 21 CHI LA
N.L. Sunday September 21 PIT MIL
A.L. Monday September 22 NYY BAL
A.L. Monday September 22 TOR SEA
A.L. Monday September 22 CLE KC
A.L. Monday September 22 DET CWS
A.L. Monday September 22 MIN ARI
A.L. Monday September 22 OAK LAA
A.L. Monday September 22 TEX HOU
N.L. Monday September 22 ATL PIT
N.L. Monday September 22 CHI STL
N.L. Monday September 22 LA SF
N.L. Monday September 22 SD COL
A.L. Tuesday September 23 BOS TB
A.L. Tuesday September 23 NYY BAL
A.L. Tuesday September 23 TOR SEA
A.L. Tuesday September 23 CLE KC
A.L. Tuesday September 23 DET CWS
League Day of Week Month Day Home Visitor
A.L. Tuesday September 23 MIN ARI
A.L. Tuesday September 23 OAK LAA
A.L. Tuesday September 23 TEX HOU
N.L. Tuesday September 23 WSH NY
N.L. Tuesday September 23 ATL PIT
N.L. Tuesday September 23 MIA PHI
N.L. Tuesday September 23 CHI STL
N.L. Tuesday September 23 CIN MIL
N.L. Tuesday September 23 LA SF
N.L. Tuesday September 23 SD COL
A.L. Wednesday September 24 BOS TB
A.L. Wednesday September 24 NYY BAL
A.L. Wednesday September 24 TOR SEA
A.L. Wednesday September 24 CLE KC
A.L. Wednesday September 24 DET CWS
A.L. Wednesday September 24 MIN ARI
A.L. Wednesday September 24 OAK LAA
A.L. Wednesday September 24 TEX HOU
N.L. Wednesday September 24 WSH NY
N.L. Wednesday September 24 ATL PIT
N.L. Wednesday September 24 MIA PHI
N.L. Wednesday September 24 CHI STL
N.L. Wednesday September 24 CIN MIL
N.L. Wednesday September 24 LA SF
N.L. Wednesday September 24 SD COL
A.L. Thursday September 25 BOS TB
A.L. Thursday September 25 NYY BAL
A.L. Thursday September 25 TOR SEA
A.L. Thursday September 25 DET MIN
A.L. Thursday September 25 CWS KC
A.L. Thursday September 25 TEX OAK
N.L. Thursday September 25 WSH NY
N.L. Thursday September 25 ATL PIT
N.L. Thursday September 25 MIA PHI
N.L. Thursday September 25 CIN MIL
N.L. Thursday September 25 SF SD
A.L. Friday September 26 BOS NYY
A.L. Friday September 26 TOR BAL
A.L. Friday September 26 CLE TB
A.L. Friday September 26 DET MIN
A.L. Friday September 26 CWS KC
A.L. Friday September 26 TEX OAK
A.L. Friday September 26 SEA LAA
N.L. Friday September 26 WSH MIA
N.L. Friday September 26 NY HOU
N.L. Friday September 26 PHI ATL
N.L. Friday September 26 CIN PIT
N.L. Friday September 26 MIL CHI
N.L. Friday September 26 ARI STL
N.L. Friday September 26 LA COL
N.L. Friday September 26 SF SD
A.L. Saturday September 27 BOS NYY
A.L. Saturday September 27 TOR BAL
A.L. Saturday September 27 CLE TB
A.L. Saturday September 27 DET MIN
A.L. Saturday September 27 CWS KC
A.L. Saturday September 27 TEX OAK
A.L. Saturday September 27 SEA LAA
N.L. Saturday September 27 WSH MIA
N.L. Saturday September 27 NY HOU
N.L. Saturday September 27 PHI ATL
N.L. Saturday September 27 CIN PIT
N.L. Saturday September 27 MIL CHI
N.L. Saturday September 27 ARI STL
N.L. Saturday September 27 LA COL
N.L. Saturday September 27 SF SD
A.L. Sunday September 28 BOS NYY
A.L. Sunday September 28 TOR BAL
A.L. Sunday September 28 CLE TB
A.L. Sunday September 28 DET MIN
A.L. Sunday September 28 CWS KC
A.L. Sunday September 28 TEX OAK
A.L. Sunday September 28 SEA LAA
N.L. Sunday September 28 WSH MIA
N.L. Sunday September 28 NY HOU
N.L. Sunday September 28 PHI ATL
N.L. Sunday September 28 CIN PIT
N.L. Sunday September 28 MIL CHI
N.L. Sunday September 28 ARI STL
N.L. Sunday September 28 LA COL
N.L. Sunday September 28 SF SD