Masahiro Tanaka Prepares To Face Cubs A Second Time

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka’s scheduled start against the Cubs Tuesday at Wrigley Field should be a sigh of relief for the Yankees’ injury-depleted pitching staff.

Or will it be?

The Cubs will be the first team to face Tanaka more than once, and although they are a low-scoring offensive team they still have a better advantage than any other team that has faced Tanaka.

They had a chance to familiarize themselves with Tanaka on April 16 at Yankee Stadium, but Tanaka pitched eight shutout innings and gave up a season-low two hits in that outing.

WHen asked if he’s worried how he’ll fare the second time around against a team, Tanaka shrugged it off. “I try to adjust once I get into the game, depending on how the batters react,” he said through an interpreter.