Mark Kiszla Of Denver Post: ‘Rockies Better Off Without Fowler’

FowlerMark Kiszla, who works for the Denver post, believes that the Rockies are better off without Dexter Fowler and that he wasn’t gritty enough to be the starting center fielder.

“The Rockies are better off without Fowler. My choice to play center: Corey Dickerson. You want the Rockies to bring a dirt-bag attitude that can wrestle with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the gutter, then Dickerson is your center fielder.”

Absent extreme attitude deficiencies, which Fowler has never been reported to have, what Dickerson does or Fowler could have done to help the Rockies win are functions of baseball skill and performance, not their gritty-grinding-gutter-wrestling-ways.

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