Luhnow Hopes For “Draft Miracles” In Houston, As He Got In St. Louis

Source: Jon Heyman, CBS Sports

Jeff LuhnowNo less than 17 players on the Cardinals’ NLCS roster were drafted or signed as amateurs by that team when Astros GM Jeff Luhnow was the Cardinals’ scouting director.

The large number is impressive — but just as amazing is how late some of the key contributors were taken by the Cardinals. In the dynamic ultra-young just-formed bullpen alone, Seth Maness was an 11th rounder, Trevor Rosenthal a 21st rounder and Kevin Siegrist a 41st rounder.

The Cardinals are quite the consistent success story, carrying their draft and development success for many years, especially under Luhnow.

Luhnow doesn’t hesitate to say they could duplicate it in Houston as well, where the Astros have posted baseball’s worst record three years running while the team has stockpiled two draft choices.