Jake Odorizzi Tries To Focus On Present, Not Future


In a recent article, Tracey Ringolsby (MLB.com) discusses the transition Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Jake Odorizzi is making towards focusing on this season, and this season alone, rather than what the future might hold.

Odorizzi gets it, he’s 24 years old and in his seventh pro season and while the top prospect stuff was nice, it has gotten old.

He knows it’s time to stop everybody from talking about his future, and become a part of the present.

“It’s not something you want to be forever,” said Odorizzi. “You want to be in a spot where you can contribute. Now is the time I’m getting my opportunity. I want to make the most of it.”

Lately, Odorizzi has done just that after being given his first extended opportunity to pitch at the big league level with fellow starters Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, and Alex Cobb on the disabled list.

In his last two starts, Odorizzi has thrown 11 scoreless innings, collecting 18 strikeouts.

He’s showing signs of living up to the advanced billing, and that’s something the Rays have to be excited about.