Is Too Much Good Pitching Bad For Baseball?

Source: David Schoenfield, ESPN

Hyun-Jin RyuFrom 2002 through 2012 there were three postseason games that ended 1-0, and we’ve already had four this postseason.

The low-scoring games certainly make for tense postseason action, as we saw on Tuesday with Mike Napoli’s home run off Verlander, one swing can win or lose a game.

But is it exciting? According to David Schoenfield of ESPN, there are five major elements to a great postseason:

1. Close games.
2. Series that go deep.
3. Great players doing great things.
4. Memorable moments.
5. Back-and-forth action.

The major thing we’ve lacked is the fifth element, back-and-forth action … lead changes have been few and far between, and with each dominant pitching performance David grows a little less impressed — knowing there’s probably going to be another one the next day.