Is MLB Replays A Good Idea?


Along with the adjustments to instant replay in MLB, came word that ballparks will be allowed to see replays on the ‘big screen’ at games.

This seems like a good idea but then again, maybe not. Having the play shown on the jumbotron at games, particularly on a missed call, can only result in people rushing the field…or some craziness.

Bob Neyer of SB Nation explains why he doesn’t think it’s a good idea and doesn’t believe it’ll last long.

We all know managers can challenge calls the umpire makes in games. Same with football. But somehow it’s a little different in baseball. Rarely can you argue with the umpire, especially if you’re a player. Usually what he says goes.

That’s one of the things that makes baseball great. We rely on the umpires. With replays, all that goes away. We have evidence in front of us that says for sure that the umpire is wrong. We’ll see how long in-game replays last.