Poll: Insiders World Series Predictions

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Eric Lopez @EricLopezELOUCF Insider
I picked it on April 1st on Insiders Show and I will stick with it, Giants over Tigers in 6

David Botello @DavidBotelloFSU – FSU Insider
Although I am a native Michigander, I’m rolling with the San Francisco Treat to take the World Series that I won’t be watching in 6 games….

Vince Maduri @VinceMaduriExecutive Editor (Emperor of the Genesis Digital universe)
Tigers in 6. The best two players in the game right now are Verlander and Cabrera.

Matthew Sardo @MatthewSardoContent Editor (Hockey Goon)
Detroit Tigers in 4 games. The Giants will hit the wall. The Tigers have the better team.

Mary Stevens @marypazstevens UCF Insider
Giants in 7.

Kris Dunn @DunnersDugout Rays Insider
Giants in 7. Sure, Justin Verlander will pitch twice but both of them may be on the road. The Tigers are a power hitting team going to the worst power hitting stadium. Giants have home field, play small ball, and thus will take down the rusty Tigers.

Mike Corcoran @MikeCorcoranNHL Lightning Insider
Tigers in 6.

David Buchman @dbuch_1080 – Producer of the David Baumann Show
I’m taking Cody’s kitty cats. They have the MVP and CY Young.