Father’s Day Surprise For Blue Jays’ Pitchers (Video)

Unexpected Father’s Day Visits For Three Pitchers

Father's Day

Blue Jays pitchers Steve Delabar, Casey Janssen and Brett Cecil are all surprised for Father’s Day.

In the video below, the three pitchers talk about how much their dads did for them when they were growing up, taking them where they needed to be and being there for them throughout their journey to the Major Leagues.

Steve Delabar’s dad talks about he and his son have probably played catch thousands of times and what it meant to him to watch such a special ballplayer grow knowing he was his son.

In the middle of their interviews, though, they received an unexpected surprise, an unexpected visit from their fathers.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ESPN:

From all of us here at Sports Talk Florida, Happy Father’s Day!