Early Season Players In White Sox’s Sucess

The 2014 Chicago White Sox are the antithesis of last season’s squad; they are brash, energetic and the offense is full of the never-say-die attitude that was largely missing from the team that went 63-99 in 2013.

Of course, much of the renewed optimism is due to the play of Adam Eaton, Jose Abreu and the ever-dominant Chris Sale. Though, they are only a small part of the reason that the White Sox have gone from being an embarrassment to being highly entertaining, as others, like Conor Gillaspie (.341/.396/.439) and Adam Dunn (.273/.419/.515), are playing larger-than-expected roles in the team’s success.

However, for every player who has exceeded expectation, unfortunately, there is one who has been a disappointment, such as guys like Erik Johnson (0-1, 9.58 EA, 2.226 WHIP) and Alejandro De Aza (.179/.200/.410).

Matthew Smith of Bleacher Report weighs in on some of the South siders biggest surprises and disappointments here.