Did Girardi Make The Right Choice With The Yankees?

GirardiYankees manager Joe Girardi has been at the helm since 2008, but we nearly saw him leave for a new gig in a new town this week. The problem, though, was that New York wouldn’t allow Girardi to interview with anyone else until his contract ran out at the end of October.

While the Yankees likely made the correct choice in retaining Girardi, who has shown an ability to handle the New York market as well as its players in his six seasons running the Bombers, did Girardi choose as wisely?

If there was a time to bail on the Yankees, it would be now. They are already responsible for $89 million in 2014 contracts right now, regardless of whether they re-sign any current players or sign any new ones, and they’ve got nine arbitration-eligible players who will command enough money to make that figure even higher, again before adding anyone new.

Source: Marc Normandin, Sports On Earth