Recap: Verlander Collects First Major League Hits (Video)

Justin Verlander has been able to call himself a pitching Triple Crown winner, Rookie of the Year, All-Star starter, Cy Young Award winner and MVP, but now he can finally say he helped his own cause at the plate.

Verlander’s hitless streak had gone on for eight years and 26 at-bats of Interleague Play the second-longest slump by a Tigers player to begin his Major League career. Although, it had endured a handful of near-misses, from the ball that landed just foul down the right-field line at Miami last September to the well-struck line drive that Joey Votto snared in Cincinnati two years ago.

Here is a video of Verlander’s first career major league hit:

He didn’t stop there, though. Here’s Verlander’s second hit of the night:

Now Verlander can boast about collecting not just one, but two hits in Saturday’s game against the Padres, bringing his career batting average to a still abismal .069.

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