David Price Could Be Traded Sooner Rather Than Later

David Price Trade Rumors Swirling Once Again

David Price

It has become increasingly obvious that the Rays likely — if not absolutely, positively — are going to trade David Price over the next 51/2 weeks until the July 31 deadline.

They can’t afford to keep him long term. They’re not going to win with him this year (the thought that they would was part of the reason he wasn’t dealt over the winter). And every five days they wait to trade him reduces his value because that means one fewer start he makes for his new team.

There’s also this: David Price’s frustration with the Rays’ overall situation has become obvious daily. His media interviews have become painfully awkward and hearing a clubhouse leader saying “We’re the worst team in baseball” — albeit true record-wise — isn’t exactly inspiring.

The Rays have to have the right offer to proceed, but it is painfully obvious that it would be best for the Rays and for David Price to make a deal as soon as possible.

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