David Price Trade Rumors: Are There Any?

David price

There have been some rumors involving the trade of Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price. While they have died down a lot, it’s pretty safe to say that if the Rays don’t find a way to return from their ugly streak, Price might be on the trading block.

As Bleacher Report points out, for more than a year now, Price has been lurking as a top trade-market draw. Now, in a season with too many Tommy John surgeries thinning the pitching pool, and with another potential trade target, Philadelphia ace Cliff Lee, on the disabled list, Price’s value might be the highest it will ever be.

When is the right time to make a move?

Price signed a one-year deal for 2014 to avoid arbitration so he will be a free agent after the 2015 season. League scouts think the chances of Price getting moved are pretty good.

But, the Rays still thinks they’re in it with Price. It’s possible for them to leave it alone until they have to make a decision.

According to multiple sources, the Rays were prepared to deal Price last year, when they thought his value was at its highest. But the front office in Tampa is pretty sharp and they are not going to settle.

When someone offers the right price for Price, the Rays will be ready.

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