David Price Blows Off Steam – “Save It Nerds”

After giving up 7 runs (all earned) to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday evening David Price had some harsh words for those overly critical of his performance – namely former pitcher Dirk Hayhurst and Tom Verducci.

Normally seeing comments like this from a class act like Price would be disheartening but after falling behind 2 games to none in their best of five series to the Red Sox it is nice to see a Rays player let off a little frustration (even if it makes him appear petty). It wouldn’t be the first time that a noted comment sparks a team.

In 2007 the Red Sox themselves were a single game from elimination when Manny Ramirez said to the overbearing and overly critical New England Press- “Why should we panic? We’ve got a great team.”  & followed with this “It doesn’t happen, so who cares? There’s always next year. It’s not like it’s the end of the world.”

The Red Sox came back after Ramirez’s comments seemed to irk the New England media to defeat the Cleveland Indians in 7 games en route to winning the World Series. It was like Ramirez’s comments sparked his team and took a weight off their backs. Although Price’s comments were directed at the media, and specific members of the media, maybe just maybe they will have a similar effect.

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