Countdown to Opening Day: Zobrist Opens Up About Depression


The Tampa Bay Rays are collectively in good spirits during this spring training process, as they look ahead to Opening Day. Ben Zobrist is one of those positive players that typically adds to the positive team vibes. Zobrist has celebrated a substantial career with Tampa Bay and in addition, his personal life is considered to be a blessing.

But now, Zobrist is releasing information about his past. He’s opening up about anxiety and depression that used to take over his life and almost kept him from playing the sport he loves.

Zobrist told the Tampa Bay Times that those days were extremely dark.

“There were definitely days when I didn’t want to to go the field and play. Those were the worst days because you love baseball, it’s kind of one of those joys usually, and there were plenty of days during that time in ’07 where I was just like, ‘I’d rather say home, I’d rather just do nothing.'”

Him and his wife decided to write a book about his testimony and the story about his family. His wife told the Times that much of the book is just a love story, but there are also childhood stories and vivid details of her being sexually molested as a child.

Zobrist and his wife wrote the book to set a positive example for others who go through similar situations.

Zobrist said that it was back in 2007, when he was sent back to Triple A, that caused the start of his depression and lack of sleep. He writes in the book about how he became an unpleasant person and hid his anxiety from his teammates.

Zobrist did not have plans to make his story public until a publishing group approached him about it. He tells the Times that he is extremely grateful to be able to be so honest and hopefully help others who suffer.

His wife says, “At the end of it, you can stay strong in your marriage and your love.”

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