Countdown to Opening Day: Yankees Player Under the Radar

Brian Roberts

The New York Yankees have countless notable and famous players on the roster. But one player has managed to stay under the radar lately. He’s not a Hall of Famer, but he’s a first-round pick and an All-Star.

Brian Roberts used to be an iconic player for the Baltimore Orioles but now that he’s in Yankees camp, his name is almost unknown. Now, he’s the guy practicing, hitting and fielding balls next to Derek Jeter.

He recently signed a fairly low contract with New York for $2 million but his low salary does not reflect his playing skills. Roberts has been a .290 hitter and he’s averaged less than 50 games a season. Tuesday, he faced the Orioles in a strange matchup. When he played for Baltimore, he suffered a series of health issues which ultimately forced him out.

According to, Roberts says its different to be the background guy that nobody knows or cares about. He hopes to get back on his feet.

Joe Girardi thinks that Roberts still has quite a bit of baseball left in him. He is confident that if he performs the way the Yankees’ staff thinks he can, he will play as much as possible.

Even though Roberts’ best year in baseball was in 2012, nothing is stopping him from playing. He hopes that he can “plug the gap and exceed limited expectations” come October.

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