Countdown to Opening Day: Will Bedard Stay with Rays?

Erik Bedard

The Tampa Bay Rays have officially begun their spring training play and left-hander Erik Bedard is hoping that his performance has been proven to be enough to stay on the team.

He told the Tampa Bay Times that if he weren’t playing baseball right now, he would be a part of the family business– elevator repaire.

In fact, he said that the did not even consider playing baseball until his friend tried out for a community college and Bedard followed. He remembered going to the tryout with a mindset that it didn’t matter if the team liked him or not.

At the time, Bedard was tall and skinny with a 78 mph fastball. Luckily, the community college coaches saw something they liked.

Fast forward to today and Bedard’s career continued to climb. Now, he has a minor-league deal with the Rays.

Bedard has had three shoulder surgeries but says he feels healthy today.

He is extremely appreciative of the opportunity to play with Tampa Bay and he says he would love to stay. Even Manager Joe Maddon agrees, telling the Times, “I think he fits in really well here.”

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