Countdown to Opening Day: Where Will Bedard Go Now?

The Tampa Bay Rays officially released Erik Bedard Tuesday after he was not selected to be a part of the starting rotation. Manager Joe Maddon has commented that just because Bedard has been released, doesn’t mean he can’t come back to Tampa Bay at some point. So where will he go?

Maddon doesn’t seem to have any idea where Bedard will land and he doesn’t know if he will ever come back to the Rays. He told that he just needs to see where he fits in.

“I don’t, you just have to look at the other teams that need starting pitching right now. That would be the ones that he’s obviously contacting. And if it doesn’t work out, he’d have to make his choice.”

Maddon went on to say that Bedard has a lot of play left in him and the Rays could definitely use his depth. He implied that if it doesn’t work out with other teams, he hopes that Bedard would consider coming back.

The stinger in all of this is that Bedard was only just recently signed to minor-league deal, a little over a month ago. He had previous visits with Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Houston.

If Bedard chooses to play for another team, the Rays’ will feel it in their pitching depth for sure. Especially now that Alex Colome has been suspended, they need options.

Maddon told Fox Sports that sometime he’s selfish.

“Selfishly, we want them all back,” Maddon said of Lowe, Nix and Betemit. “Unselfishly, I want what’s best for them. We do, as an organization, for them and their families. No question. But they all fit in really well here. It’s a very difficult moment trying to piece this all together with so many good options.”

No word from Bedard yet on which option seems to be the best fit for him. I guess we’ll stay tuned for his decision.