Countdown to Opening Day: Rays Get New Slogan

The Tampa Bay Rays are pulling out the big guns to promote games and get fans excited for Opening Day and the rest of the season. They’ve been fighting low game attendance recently, and the fact that the location of the stadium is still in question does not help their promotion. But, the Rays’ staff is optimistic that fans will get excited. After all, Tampa Bay has a serious chance of making the playoffs in 2014.


The Rays have created a new slogan to encourage fan participation. “Rays Up” is being used in their new ad campaign that will launch next week. The words are a clever way to inspire fans to join the journey with the team as they fight to the top. With their first Cy Young winner in David Price and three Rookie of the Year winners, it’s time to recognize Tampa Bay as strong contenders this year.

The Rays hope that fans will embrace the new slogan and support their home team by attending more games and promoting the brand. Senior vice president Mark Fernandez told the Tampa Bay Times that “Rays Up” symbolizes a celebration.

“The slogan celebrates the excitement, high energy and passion for the team on the field and in the community.”

To help make the fan experience more enjoyable at the Trop, they are working hard to finish a walkway around the stadium’s lower half so fans can socialize, meet new people, and get a different angle of the field.

The Rays are expecting to sell out their season opener against the Toronto Blue Jays on March 31st. Hopefully “Rays Up” will work to make this year unforgettable for the team and fans alike.

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