Countdown to Opening Day: MLB’s New Replay System (Photo)

MLB Replay Center

The MLB has upgraded their replay system just in time for Opening Day. Don’t get too excited. There will still be points in the season where there will be a disaster of a call and you’ll be disappointed. But, nonetheless, the shiny new instant-replay system is complete.

The MLB has wanted a change for years and now they have a brand new center full of technology and HD monitors to move in the right direction. The league has put together a plan that emphasizes using the replay system to prevent bad calls.

Some fans are not looking forward to this change and it will take some getting used to. The plays that are subject to replay are somewhat limited since the MLB has  covered mostly common plays. The majority of the replays will surely come from force plays and tag plays, foul calls, touching a base, home runs, etc.

Unfortunately, the replay system will not be used for check swings, foul tips, or fly balls. Remember the walk-off obstruction play during the World Series? Well, that sort of thing will not be replayed.

The league hopes that an analysis of a play will take no longer than 90 seconds. But, that obviously not include managers who challenge a play or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Obviously the league will find many flaws with this new system at first but they have to try it out at some point, right?

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