Countdown to Opening Day: Budweiser Shoots Video For Petition

Hundreds of people gathered in Arizona as Hall of Fame baseball shortstop Ozzie Smith rode the Budweiser Clydesdales carriage around the downtown area to shoot a video for Budweiser.

The entire production is to honor the start of the 2014 Major League Baseball season.

“What Budweiser is doing is working to gather 100,000 petition signatures and submit them to the White House in an effort to make Opening Day a national holiday,” said Budweiser spokesman Jeff Grass.

Grass said, “Ultimately we’re looking at a day of national observance or something along those lines.” This means that even if the White House does not recognize a national holiday, Opening Day could still be recognized.

Baseball’s Opening Day should be made a holiday, according to Grass, because 22 million Americans admit to playing “hooky” to catch an opening day game. But, is that enough of a reason to get the White House on their side?

Budweiser hopes to make this video viral to help boost the signatures on their petition. Would you sign it?

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