Comparing / Contrasting Tanaka & Darvish


To some extents, comparing Masahiro Tanaka and Yu Darvish is easy: they both throw right-handed, they’re both from Japan, they’re both pretty good at this pitching thing, and they are certainly both rich.

Darvish owns a 3.24 career ERA and an 11.11 K/9, the latter being the best in MLB since his 2012 debut, and Tanaka has a 2.17 ERA and 9.43 K/BB ratio through his first eight starts.

Where it gets harder to compare the two, however, is in how they go about being so dominant. Tanaka and Darvish are both darn good pitchers, but clones they are not.

While Darvish seemingly has the edge with his pitching aresenal and velocity, Tanaka is the more efficient of the two.

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