Cliff Lee Underwent MRI On Left Elbow


Cliff Lee underwent an MRI on his left elbow on Tuesday in Philadelphia, reports CNS Philly. Though results on the MRI were unknown prior to Tuesday night’s game in Miami.

Lee has reportedly been feeling discomfort in the inner portion of the elbow for the last couple weeks.

Lee, 35, has been just about as close to clockwork as you’ll see in any sport, and this tweet by Rockies LHP Brett Anderson pretty much sums up how the league would feel if Tommy John surgery ends up being his fate as well:

Hey, maybe throwing underhand would work out for the game. Sure we might not get to watch guys throw 100 mph anymore, but we wouldn’t have any more arm injuries for pitchers and we’d see an uptick in offense in the game again.

I’m only kidding. But seriously, if Cliff Lee is the next Tommy John victim we might as well all just quit now.