Mike Matheny Not Concerned With Power Outage

After the final game of his team’s misspent visit to New York and Citi Field, Cardinals manager Mike Matheny was asked what he thought about his team’s stretch of at-bats without a home run creeping toward 300.

“It didn’t mean anything to me,” Matheny said. “I don’t think it means much to our guys except people want to keep making a big deal about it. When we’re scoring runs like we did last year, the home runs or the power production numbers, they don’t mean anything to us. When we’re not scoring runs it stands out.”

Without a home run in their 6-1 loss Saturday to Pittsburgh, the Cardinals have gone 354 at-bats without homering. It is the longest such streak since August 1997, when the Cardinals went 389 at-bats between home runs.

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