Cardinals/Red Sox Keys For Game 6

Source: Jonah Keri, Grantland

Game 5.For the Boston Red Sox: get to Michael Wacha and Shane Victorino must show up

Sox hitters showed great patience against the Cardinals’ rookie righty in Game 2, drawing four walks and working Wacha for 114 pitches over six innings, falling short partly because of wasted opportunities.

If Shane Victorino is still well below 100 percent, the Sox should consider moving someone else up to the no. 2 spot in the order, milking Victorino more for his excellent defense.

For the St. Louis Cardinals: more small ball and don’t leave Wacha in too long

It’s a lot more taxing and less logical for a pitcher to go deep into a game when it’s late October, it’s 47 degrees out, there’s an armada of excellent relievers behind him who are fresh thanks to extra days off, and the highest-scoring team in baseball (and one of the most patient) is the opponent.

One other alternative could be to try more small-ball tactics to beat the Sox.