‘Boston Strong’… Impact On Sox’ Season Following Marathon Bombing

Source: Jerry Crasnick, ESPN

Red SoxDr. Charles Steinberg, the cherubic, perpetually upbeat force behind the Boston Red Sox’s community relations department, keeps a different kind of statistic than the ones compiled by the Harvard and MIT whiz kids populating so many front offices these days.

With a flick of his smart phone, he glances at a screen and confirms that the 2013 Red Sox made 470 community appearances this season — one of the highest totals in his eight-year tenure with the club and easily surpassing the 305 appearances by the 2012 squad.

Each visit and human interaction has helped create a ripple of positive sentiment, through hands held, smiles shared and the simple act of listening.

Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltamacchia said “This is our livelihood and we’re here to play and win, but at the same time, we can’t forget about who’s out there supporting us. At the end of the year, yeah, we’ll fly to different places, but we’re still a team and still a family, and we’ll always remember this.”