Biogenesis Founder Tony Bosch Arrested, Will Plead Guilty

Tony_BoschTony Bosch, the Biogenesis founder, was arrested Tuesday morning for conspiring to distribute anabolic steroids to Major League Baseball players.

According to Mike Fish of ESPN, Bosch was one of 10 people arrested Tuesday morning at 6 am E.T. as part of a two-year Operation Strikeout investigation.

Federal sources are saying that Bosch had reached a deal to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids between October 2008 & December 2012. According to Daily News, Bosch will appear in U.S. District court at 1:30 pm E.T. this afternoon and may possibly face up to 10 years in prison.

Bosch has lead one of the biggest scandals in American sports history, with over 20 players suspended who had been associated with Biogenesis.

A few others who were involved & taken in this morning are Carlos Acevedo, one of Bosch’s former partners, accused of distributing testosterone as well as MDMA, commonly known as ‘ecstasy’ and faces up to 30 years in prison.

Yuri Sucart, Alex Rodriguez’ cousin who introduced the suspended superstar to Bosch, will have an appearance in Miami federal court Tuesday afternoon.

Prosecutors have scheduled a press conference for 12:30 pm E.T. at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Miami.

Fish stresses that this particular case is not intended to target any players who have been ‘on the juice’ but rather the distributors who have initiated such a scandal during the early 2000s.