Barry Bonds’ HOF Case

BondsBarry Bonds’ career numbers make him a no-doubt hall of famer, but the BALCO case is still a dark cloud looming over his head.

The case for Bonds, based on his accomplishments for the sport, is obvious and overwhelming: He won seven MVP awards and hit 762 home runs, he made 14 All-Star teams, won eight gold gloves, and led his league in on-base percentage ten times, and he is the sport’s all-time leader in walks, he stole 514 bases, and by WAR, he ranks as the second best position player ever, trailing only Babe Ruth.

But the case against him — the one that has kept him out of Cooperstown in his first two seasons on the ballot — is pretty public, too.

Bonds has never admitted to using PEDs, but his association with the sport’s so-called steroids era was already cemented even before he was found guilty of obstruction of justice in the investigation into the BALCO performance-enhancing drug lab.

What side are you on? Do you feel he deserves more credit than he has gotten over the last 10 years or should his HOF ballot be thrown away because of the BALCO scandal?

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