Andrew McCutchen Rises From Humble Florida Beginnings To NL MVP

Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutchen Rises From Humble Florida Beginnings To NL MVP

Andrew McCutchenWith all the bickering that goes on each and everyday about our great country and its eroding moral values, its decline as the best nation on earth, or doomsday predictions of what tomorrow will bring it is days like yesterday that serve as a stark reminder that the American Dream is still alive and well.

Yesterday, Andrew McCutchen of the Pittsburgh Pirates was named the National Leagues Most Valuable Player Award receiving 28 of 30 first place votes on his way to tallying 409 points. .

He  finished comfortably ahead of runner up Paul Goldschmidt (242 points) of the Arizona Diamondbacks and third place finisher Yadier Molina (219 points) of the St. Louis Cardinals. (Full Ballots Here)

When Andrew McCutchen was born he and his parents lived in a cramped house with his Grandma, Aunt, and cousins before moving to a house in Bartow, Florida.  Bartow is a phosphate mining community approximately 45 minutes east of Tampa and in those mines is where his father spent long days often coming home with clothes full of mud from exploding pipes.

In the little home in Bartow he had to share a room with his baby sister but McCutchen considered it cool to be their to protect her. That  is just who he is.

In November of last year he returned to the home to reflect and tweeted out a picture of his childhood home:


He doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder about his childhood telling the Sporting News,

“I had everything I needed or wanted, I didn’t know anything different. I learned to be a hard worker. I learned that things aren’t going to be given to you on a silver platter.”

With all the national attention he’s received on the baseball diamond and even after signing a 6-year/$51 million dollar contract his words to the Sporting News he hasn’t let the notoriety and stardom change who he is:

“I’m not going to forget what got me here, No matter how the final days of the regular season spin, here’s an athlete who’s always going to treasure the blessed hand he has been dealt. “

After winning the MVP Award last night he took to his Instagram Account and left the following message for his fans:

“I want to thank God for giving me the gift of playing this amazing game of baseball. Without him there is no me. Thru all I do I put in his hands for I know it is he who gives me strength. I also want to thank my beautiful girlfriend, my family, friends, coaches, teammates and the city of Pittsburgh for your great support. Without you all, none of this could have happened. God Bless you all and have goodnight.”

He also spoke about winning the award on MLB Network Radio:

You can follow him on Twitter: @TheCUTCH22

The Pittsburgh Pirates will be playing the Tampa Bay Rays in St.Petersburg June 23rd through June 25th next season.

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