46 Years Of History Doesn’t Favor St. Louis In Game 5

Source: Chris Chase, USA Today Sports

World Series Game 5On Monday night, for the first time ever, the city of St. Louis will host a World Series game and an NFL game on the same day. This wouldn’t be a newsworthy event for big-league cities without much baseball tradition, but for St. Louis, a city that’s played host to 10 World Series in the past 50 years and 19 Fall Classics since the creation of the National Football League, it’s a fascinating quirk of scheduling.

But it’s more than an interesting bar-trivia nugget; it could be an omen of bad things to come for St. Louis sports fans.

On the handful of days when both the baseball Cardinals played a World Series game on the same day their football counterparts take the field, both teams haven’t won since 1967. And since 1987, neither the Cardinals nor the Rams/Cardinals have won any same-day game during the Fall Classic. Read More.