Mike Piazza Convicted With No Evidence By HOF

It’s looking, as more writers reveal their ballots, as if Mike Piazza isn’t going to get to 75 percent, either. And the reasons why are far more difficult to discern.

Piazza has never been implicated in any steroid investigation; not baseball’s own Mitchell Report, which made extensive use of a Mets clubhouse employee, Kirk Radomski, or anywhere other than in the columns of New York Times writer Murray Chass, who came to his own conclusion.

Compare Piazza to his peers at the position, and the difference between his hitting and the numbers put up by the greatest offensive catchers in baseball history is enormous. No one doubts that Yogi Berra and Roy Campanella are worthy Hall of Famers. Berra’s career O.P.S.+ is 125, Campanella is 123. Johnny Bench was considered the finest offensive catcher until Piazza came along; he’s at 126 for his career.

You can spend forever trying to find a catcher with better offensive numbers than Piazza. No one is close.

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