Fan Apologizes For Throwing Banana

A San Francisco Giants fan has apologized for throwing a banana during Sunday’s game against Baltimore, claiming that it was not a racially motivated insult to Orioles star Adam Jones.

Alexander Poulides told the San Jose Mercury News that he grabbed a banana off a catering cart at AT&T Park and threw it toward the field in frustration near the end of the Orioles’ 10-2 victory over the struggling Giants.

The banana evidently was thrown in the vicinity of Jones, who angrily tweeted about the incident following the game. Jones, who is black, also criticized people who apparently defended the incident and hinted that he may no longer participate in social media.

Poulides told the Mercury News that he did not intend to create an uproar and stated that he realized how his actions had been portrayed when he turned on the television to watch the news Monday.

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