Dodgers On Streak: ‘We Had To Do This’

ST. LOUIS — The Los Angeles Dodgers still see everything through the prism of May.

They just went a month between road losses. They haven’t lost a series, home or road, in nearly two months. They’ve become the team many in baseball are picking to play in the World Series.

But they still can’t pick the taint of May out of their clothes.

“We were so pathetic [then],” reliever, and J.P. Howell said Tuesday. “We had to do this.”

This is a 15-game road winning streak, the longest in the National League in 56 years, which ended with Tuesday’s 5-1 loss to the Cardinals. This is a run that took them through consecutive road sweeps in Arizona, Washington, Toronto and Chicago, with one win at the start in San Francisco and another one at the end in St. Louis.

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