Brian Wilson Yells At Giants CEO

Dodgers_Brian_Wilson_2013SAN FRANCISCO — The game ended, and Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson hustled toward the opposing dugout to lash out at San Francisco Giants chief executive officer Larry Baer — the man who employed the bearded pitcher for seven seasons until he recently joined rival Los Angeles — over the World Series ring he was owed from 2012.

Once Wilson was done yelling, Baer walked to the other side of the ballpark and delivered the ring to Dodgers personnel outside the Los Angeles clubhouse to give to the pitcher Thursday night.

“We have been for seven months trying to give him his World Series ring and tried these past three days,” Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said. “It’s been more challenging than we expected. We’ve given the ring to the Dodgers, and he now has it. We really tried to do the right thing. We invited him to the ring ceremony. A number of members of our organization repeatedly reached out to him, and we didn’t get any response.”

Source: ESPN