Atlanta Braves Offseason Outlook

The Braves season ended Monday night and will ultimately be summed up by a hanging slider David Carpenter threw that Juan Uribe crushed over the left field fence, giving the Dodgers the lead they needed to take game 4 of the NLDS over the Braves 4-3.

Looking ahead to 2014, the Braves are not expected to make any significant roster changes; Frank Wren has already spent a good deal of money to put this team together and can’t stretch the dollar too far for the future because eventually guys like Freddie Freeman will need long term deals.

The biggest strength of this Braves team may be the combination of talent and youth, as they sport the 2nd youngest roster in all of baseball and still manage to have one of the best records.

The most significant change may come in the form of a beloved Braves player hitting the road and possibly heading to the American League, as C Brian McCann didn’t sound too confident that he’d be returning next year.

Overall, there is a very good possibility that this team improves not by adding new players, but through the continuing growth and development of the players they already have.

Source: Bob McVinua MLB Reports