MLB Preseason Power Rankings: LAA #1

Will Los Angeles corner the market on baseball in 2013?

Both the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Dodgers stacked their rosters in the offseason. The Angels added slugger Josh Hamilton and the Dodgers added a pitching ace in Zach Greinke. After the 2012 postseason run that the San Francisco Giants put on for America, do not count the Giants out till the final out is recorded.

The 2013 baseball season brings with it more questions than answers. Do the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter finally lose a step? Are the Toronto Blue Jays for real? Will the Tampa Bay Rays score some runs?

2012 Stats
1Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim8973418
2Los Angeles Dodgers8676263
3San Francisco Giants9468127
4Washington Nationals9864102
5Detroit Tigers8874119
6New York Yankees9567212
7Cinncinnati Reds9765214
8Oakland Athletics9468146
9Texas Rangers9369116
10Toronto Blue Jays73891326
11Atlanta Braves9468175
12Baltimore Orioles93691514
13Tampa Bay Rays9072181
14St. Louis Cardinals887458
15Kansas City Royals72902023
16Chicago White Sox8577719
17Milwaukee Brewers8379322
18Arizona Diamondbacks8181915
19Philadelphia Phillies81811911
20Pittsburgh Pirates79832413
21San Diego Padres76862317
22Seattle Mariners75872710
23New York Mets74882521
24Boston Red Sox6993827
25Miami Marlins69932920
26Cleveland Indians68942229
27Colorado Rockies6498630
28Minnesota Twins66961628
29Chicago Cubs611012824
30Houston Astros551073025


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