MLB Power Rankings: Red Sox #1

The Boston Red Sox are 18-7 with the best record in Major League Baseball. The Sox are fourth in runs scored and sixth in ERA and winning at home. They are 11-5 at Fenway Park, the Sox 16 home games are the most in the majors. Boston travels to Toronto and then to Texas before a four game home stand versus the Minnesota Twins.

The Red Sox come to Tampa May 14-16, for three game mid-week series.

121Boston Red Sox18746
21513Texas Rangers169121
330Colorado Rockies1610212
440Cinncinnati Reds151254
51-4Atlanta Braves169143
62519St. Louis Cardinals141182
76-1Arizona Diamondbacks151198
8102Baltimore Orioles1511317
9134Detroit Tigers1410613
105-5Oakland Athletics1512125
11121Pittsburgh Pirates1511199
12175San Francisco Giants14121014
138-5New York Yankees15101119
1411-3Kansas City Royals1310215
15216Washington Nationals13132211
16182Milwaukee Brewers13111620
177-10Tampa Bay Rays12131816
1814-4New York Mets1014723
19201Minnesota Twins11112515
20266Philadelphia Phillies12142021
21276Chicago Cubs1015277
2219-3Chicago White Sox10142810
2322-1Los Angeles Dodgers12132918
2423-1Cleveland Indians10131526
2516-9Seattle Mariners12162422
2624-2Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim9161729
27292Houston Astros8181330
289-19Toronto Blue Jays9172328
2928-1San Diego Padres9162627
30300Miami Marlins7193024

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