MLB Power Rankings: Rangers,Cardinals Battle

The Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals battle it out for the top spot in Major League Baseball. The Rangers move up three spots to number one in the Sports Talk Florida MLB Power Rankings. They are 24-13, winning four straight and seven of their last three. The Cardinals drop to second in the power rankings and are 23-13, winning eight of their last 10 games.

These two teams are led by strong pitching, ranking one and two in the league. The Cardinals lead the way with a team ERA of 3.03, the Rangers are second with a 3.39. The Rangers are 10th and Cardinals are 11th in runs scored.

143Texas Rangers2413102
21-1St. Louis Cardinals2313111
363Cinncinnati Reds221658
42-2Detroit Tigers201526
572Baltimore Orioles2315118
693San Francisco Giants2315914
7136New York Yankees23131412
9101Arizona Diamondbacks2117125
83-5Boston Red Sox2216417
108-2Colorado Rockies2017710
115-6Atlanta Braves21161311
12153Cleveland Indians2015616
13141Pittsburgh Pirates2116199
14162Washington Nationals2017274
1512-3Kansas City Royals1816227
1611-5Oakland Athletics1920325
17170Tampa Bay Rays1918822
18246Minnesota Twins17171524
2018-2Chicago White Sox1520293
19212Seattle Mariners18202615
21254Philadelphia Phillies18212521
22231Chicago Cubs15222413
2322-1San Diego Padres16212323
2419-5Milwaukee Brewers15201828
25261Los Angeles Dodgers15212820
26282Toronto Blue Jays15241629
2720-7New York Mets14202126
2827-1Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim14232027
29290Miami Marlins11273019
30300Houston Astros10281730

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